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hi killergiant wants to join war

hi how are u all doing i would like to be apart of war i play with alot of war in dma and now i will be in war server also so again ty i would like to be apart of this brotherhood

cooooool,war is like so big now it kicks ass.Well we here at We Are Random would like to welcome you to our forums,so just make around 50 posts so we get to know you a little bit better and begin voting discussions about you,so until then good luck and have fun at the forums.

<pre>Yay i always wanted to say that lol. </pre>

ty tricorn i sure will

little about self
i have been here about 5 years now (with a break) of course i play on cov server and now i will be playing on the war server im 35 y/o here and loves rune halo guild wars and other pc games

yooooo KG sup man nice to see you comin around to the war side well stick around and stay active im pretty sure youll make it

haha kg is cool as hell

what they said.


ty guys i will stay active for sure love the game and u guys

fu tricorn only i can say that k hi
g/l kg haven't seen u on in awhile. but that for that matter I HAVE not been on so now i almost suck as much as thugg.

nice to see u here,
good luck

lol ty guys and vb i ahve been on in the am b4 work and when i come home

good luck killer

ty gb jr and gl 2ualso

hey any news on my app yet just wondering if no that is fine

ty man and good luck to you and i know your gunna get in war your damn good ok cya in the game!!

skill doesnt matter killbears.But kg has the skills and personality,so nothing wrong there lol.

ty triclone for the nice words bud

yw kg i love you

triclone <3's KG

ye lol idk how that'd work though hmmm