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Hi I'm new here

hi Im new here, My name is rebelpotmaster. My name is Spencer and obviously, im black. I know jedi and murd in real life. jedi is gangster compared to murd beccause murd sucks. a lot. my xfire is rebelpotmaster in case u want to talk to me. and if any of you decides to be cool and get AIM, then my aim name is also rebelpotmaster.

theres all the info on joining and what not, welcome to the forums

now be afraid!

heyyy ^ ^ welcome to the forums.. and good luck with everything (are jedi and murd as scary as they seem?) xD

Holy shit, man, he's tha pot mastah! He has to be in! xO

Your skipping over the REBEL part
He's obviously a Jew

sorry we dont accept black people
only thugg cause like hes uh not all th way black
better luck next time when your not black cya

im just kidding
hey how u be lil kid i love black ppl and i love u wanna get some from me?

..What the fuck?


so u like jedi?
why dont u kiss him too?

HI WAVE ^__^

so wtf happened to this kid?
and wtf happened to gbjr

This kid is always on XFire everytime i am
i see him log on and off n such

he just doesn't come onto the fourms..

RebelPotMaster wrote:
jedi is gangster compared to murd beccause murd sucks. a lot.

wrong!!! i am a sly fox and i always will be one, and btw ur not black so stfu

some what old topic i know but i had to say something..

I dont think he read the requirements