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Havik want to Join {{WAR}}

This is Havik Just want to join {{war}} im on rune alot so find me and check me out.

Hello, Havik.
Welcome to war forums.

(Woot I was first.)


Sythest was here.

  • syth

hey man glad to hear it stick around n get to know teh ppls n we will vote u in soon , cya around

Syth stop editing my post or i'll love you.

  • owned. lol

HEYYY man your on! , sweet id love to have you in the clan. Stick around with us and get to know us more ( what sat said) CYA on rune!

ya it would be wicked to join {{war}} ever since i went to one of sat's rad maps. ill see you all on rune .:"~MuchClownLove~":.