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Emma (:

Username: Emma

IM Screenames:
XFIRE: pikachuthejedi

About me: Im from Sweden, and my name is Emma, and ofc im black loooooli pop. i know war clan from Nodoka, that he is my bf, or ex boyfriend i dont know realy haha Xp

Games/Game System: Jedi Academy, cs 1.6

Skills: kick as forcer in jedi academy.

Interests: going to parties and consers

i know i have to get 50 posts xD but im working on it

Welcome pikachu!

ill add you on xfire, good luck, take time to get to know everyone

(i just downloaded jedi academy so ill see ya on probably)

Great !!

looking forward to play with you satros

euhm yeah where are you emma seriously? :s

In ur pants ?

not rly

well he has alredy been there?





Epic win xD


Are you apart of WaR yet? Damn.

Staticgirl wrote:
Are you apart of WaR yet? Damn.

Did her poll even start?
She started this topic in september.

is she dead?

Staticgirl wrote:
is she dead?

Nope. But there are other problems :P