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Darth Nodoka's Application

Username: Darth Nodoka

IM Screenames:
XFIRE: hiroshima555

About me:

Games/Game System: rune, jk3, jk2, warcraft III TFT (only on GARENA) AOM

Skills: Tank-Rush

Interests: werewolves

Welcome, stick around, get to know everyone (for they will be the ones who decide if your accepted or not), get 50 posts and you will be in in know time :), enjoy your stay

i like your sig btw

Oh okidoki and thx

ye i forgot to add my icq number


i dont think anyone uses icq anymore

i miss those days lol

Howdy pardner, you've decided to join up just in time, you might be a member when the war event is up and ready!

great sounds good :)

Darth wrote:
ye i forgot to add my icq number


Haha i remember IQC LMAO  :(:3):

haha i do use msn but blää :P