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hi my name is C?m? KeN ive been playing rune for about 2 years on and off
my previous clans are sin lmao but oh well my favorite wepon is
worksword and all hammers the reason i wish to join is because a lot of my
good friends and fun people are in this clan, i also want to join because its a really good clan and
you guys have good clan members

havnt seen u around, but welcome! stick around n get to know ppl..

btw who do u know in the clan?

oh its kenwillwooponyou should of put that in post i know you thugg sos bunch of other ppl but those are my freind friends lol

oh hey, ur tweak or serps cousin or sumthing correct?

white reap yep thats me

cosmo ken wrote:
white reap yep thats me

yeah whitereaper realized that like 10 mins after i posted hehe

neways cya around

Good that you chnged your name to cosmo ken, that gives you more chances.

thanks man its fun playing with you and thugg

lol cosmo ken.. weird name, and welcome

omg ew its ken wtf you want?

ThuGG wrote:
omg ew its ken wtf you want?

Was thinkin about that too

ewww its freakin thuggy lol go away no one likes you jk hehe good game last night alex aka sos

while it lasted.. i am busy with school these days but ill try to get on. Welcome to the forums.. btw u really whiteys cuz ?

nice lol yea school has been boring! lol oh well lol
can you help me get a cool sig like that pwees lol

post here n tell him wut u want ken