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/3l@DE's app... because you know I want to?

Hey guys, this is /3L@DE-FURY, most've you have prolly seen me around. I wanna join war cuz all the people seem really cool and chill. Lookin forward to gettin to know ya'll the next few weeks. Oh and umm I read the thingy that told me to print whatever in my app so yeah ^^

well uhh, welcome to WaR forums, i tihkn i seen u b4 but idk lol, just maske 50 posts for us to get to know u andthen we'll vote on weather or not accept u

BLLLLAAAADDEE,its awesome y0ur here buddy,good luck in getting 50 posts,sounds hard but i did it in a day lol,cya in game.

yo 3l@de-Fury

hey blade, welcome to the forums, stick around, make 50 posts so we get to know u, meet wars etc, then we will have a vote to let u in or not

oh ya blade roks sup dude gotta love ur axe spins in DMA hehe.

OMG here we go see mouse spinning is gay if you set your sens to 10 and jump around like a fool. but strafe spins and backspins still take timing so your gonna take it, and your gonna like it!

my sensitivtiy is 65 cries

who r u?

u really have my vote , i love u lol
but good luck

You love me? I think I just got felt up

but i love you too.

k this is ur chance for an official RUA take the oppurtunity

WTF is a RUA!

lmao! RUA is a war term..dont worry ull learn them as time goes by lol, RUA means raping unsuspectign asians, its a hobby. lol

you know i didnt know what it was either..and i was like wearing the RUA tags and shit then i find out what it is.kind of sad huh?

lol wow. tahts like me posting to something i never even read. not like that ever happened


Fury good luck getting in and..

why you said to me BEAR FUCKER???

because he thinks it fun

because he has a WaR sense of humor.