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Hi, My name is Mike, war know me as Gam3rX, the main thing i enjoy is to play games, and smoke weed :). i was first introduced to this website by thugg, thugg n cecil told me i should app for war so i decided to start gettin to know the clan on the forums ^^

sup gamer :3

glad to see some new-ish faces on teh forums

sup gamer stick around get to know some folks blah blah blah

Glad to be on teh forums :)


Lol no ruthless is in tor, im in lsd, completely different person im Gam3rX


sry for that :P

oh lsd good, glad you arnt a torfag, welcome to the forums, dont spam.

whats wrong with tor?

they hacked us and posted gay pics on our forums, and also a few of our members left war in a dispute and joined tor, we dont like them. they are our enemies.

Ah i diden't know that. but you mean frozn's tor right? sure you do.
but did they give any reason of doing it?

yeah frozn the pedophile's tor

he did it cause hes a faggot who lives with his mom and doesnt have a job

Hmm, well wasent he in WaR?

LoL they arnt all that bad

Well, frozn is gay, vb is lame, scizo i dunno rly, and the rest i dont know

TAKE IT BACK VB IS the shiz yamean

Gam3rX wrote:
TAKE IT BACK VB IS the shiz yamean

euhm no he ain't i don't think you know who i am in rune..

who r u?

Gam3rX wrote:
TAKE IT BACK VB IS the shiz yamean


anyways, frozn was never in war,hes too gay we would never of accepted him, even before he did all this

vb,triclone, and furybeknown were all in war before tor

Yes i knew that alredy but i had some weak memory that frozn was in WaR too, but that was just my mind,
i guess he lured the guys to join tor just like he did with stabbz or siz or what he is called from 1.00 to hov i dunno rly they took advantage of his bad english anyway ^^

gam3rx; you gotta earn my name :P