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So, uh...

I like, play that soccer cars with you guys. I play other stuff, too. Dank meeting you, let me in your swemp now pls.

(I also couldn't help but notice Satros's avatar is the Tallgeese 3, and I appreciate that.)


Sup BadHorse! Welcome to the forums.

Gonna damp our members.

Gonna damp our members.

Ja bitte

happy birthday badhorse :thumb:

Thanks! I'm considering going by OldHorse from now on. I think I'll have a vote.

i cant believe badhorse downvoted me telling him happy birthday just watch and see if i ever do anything nice for you ever again fucking reported


But no, I was on my phone and it was being weird and instead of thumbs it showed me a '4', '5', and '6'.

Edit: thumbs down redacted.