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I'm Kittie

I found this place cause I used to play rune (like 2 years ago) O.o and I played on the server

I currently live in Canada (ew D:)
I'm azn
I travel alot.
I think Bulbasaur is a dinosaur, and not a frog >  :bulba: = FAIL
Kittie Hax
I basically suck at everything, yet manage to beat other people who are good at it. :)
:jamieh: Is my hero.
I like  :bank:

this section is for new members. not people who have been registered and active for year(s)

hi kittie so i hear your trying positions and stuff?

I know sat D: But I was bored ;( And yes thugg ;) Multiple positions

mm.mmmulitiple postitions?

Yep! You got a problem with that? :O

I feel like this is one of em