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Hey guys, I dunno if any of you remember - {[WaR]} SuperMario? Yahh, well thats me. I joined about 4-5 years ago, and like quit or w/e, kinda bein a douche too. sorry guys :P. Well im here to see if i am willing to come back to such a sweet guild that i can't even begin to think of why i left o.o. Well im starting to get 50 posts i wanna see everyones opinion on what changed and everything. Rune got me into this guild bout that time ago. Uhh, that's 'bout it  ;)  hope to bring back some memories - make new ones.

oh your willing to come back how lucky of us.

Welcome to our boards (:

Hahh - "IF im willing" - i dont wanna sound rude at all.