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. dsf

Welcome :]

Thank you, and btw i actually got you on Xfire :P

Welcome to the forums enjoy your stay

Thank u for that.

hola darth nodoka welcome to tha forums stick around get 50 posts blah blah blah

watch out for thugg he always tries to use those same words to every newcomer to seduce them, watch out

Ye i'll try ^^

im frandly :)

haha k i bet

if you dont mind meh asking how old r u? and where ya from?  :jamieh:

swe 16.


Swedish :P

just wanna say this now its a M-A-N-A-T-E-E not a S-E-A-L

haha same stuff :D

NO!  A manatee and a Seal are completely different!

no it isn't :D

Darth wrote:
no it isn't :D

lol dont go against the sacred war clan beast youll get banned


yeye okidoki ;:D