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Hey guys! I've been playing with some of you guys for a while, and I really appreciate the opportunity to join WaR. Obviously, I met most of you through the super fun games on Rune that happen from time to time, and for those of you who haven't I'd just like to say hi and introduce myself. IDK how this really goes, as I've not really been in a lot of clans in my life and you guys are pretty tight-knit, along with a vibrant community. Growing up I played SNES and N64 at friend's houses, until I got a Playstation for xmas in like 1996. My parents got a computer shortly after that, and I started playing StarCraft, Duke Nukem, Doom, Half Life, Age of Empires, Star Wars: Yoda Stories and Warcraft 2 with my brother and dad. I got Rune in 2000 shortly after release, and never looked back. I'm also into good books, movies (sci-fi and aquatic horror esp), automobiles, boats, outdoor adventures, bicycling and I really want to buy a motorcycle in the next year or 2.

I play pretty much everything these days. If you are on xbox my tag is LuringCone7. I cant remember my PSN, but I never really play it anyways. Unfortunately, I work full time and I still attend university part time in fall and spring. I'm chipping away at a BASS and attempting to do it "debt free" with no loans, and would like to get a Masters someday. I really hope to play with all of you someday, if you ever are gaming solo hit me up! I'll probably try and add most of you on Steam or discord at one point or another ^_^

too well-adjusted for warclan

who the fuck is phoenix?

glad to have you with us mr bush jr