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ZEQ2 is a fan-made game/mod of Dragonball Z. Now before you call fail, let me show you my pokemans.

About the game
ZEQ2 is based of a heavily modified Quake III engine, to the point where one cannot even tell. The project was started in 2002, but has since been abandoned. The creators released what they had finished so far in a release in 2009 as ZEQ2 "lite", but the game garnered much attention from fans. The open code was given out, and the game has since gained a community that is dedicated to expanding the game while maintaining the accuracy to the actual DBZ series.

The gameplay
Basically this mod takes what we've all really wanted in a DBZ game, the combat. It is not a classic fighting game like Streetfighter, you are free to move in all directions. Players are placed on a battlefield (which are very large and expansive, like planet Namek) and allowed to fight. Everything from the series is there, hand to hand combat, flying, energy blasts, Kamehameha waves, Spirit Bombs, and many of the characters.

Since it's a mod, it's fully user expandable. The community has added things like accurate Super Saiyan transformations, voices, effects, etc. On a personal note, the first time I saw this game I thought it was from a real developer, and I was amazed at the fact that the game was based off of a game engine as old as Quake III, and looked SO good.

Shit gets real at 2:35

Here is some more of what the gameplay is like:

NOTE: The controllable energy beam is a mod and those Super Saiyan transformations aren't the real models.

This video features Piccolo

The game features networkable multiplayer which could be fun for War, and it's free. The combat doesn't look retarded like all of the "real" DBZ games, it looks pretty accurate and fun.

Here's some of the other features:
The download is on the site.

Were gunna get this game and be lulzy. k?