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Xbox360. (50/50 chance)

Anyways I say 50/50 because its not a for sure thing i'll get it.
But On thursday or friday my parents said they'd get me one for a late christmas.
Uhh I'm not sure what to get?
Like they got diff packages like XBOX360 pro and etc.
So which one do i get? Cuz like 399$ one is what I was gunna get
That and Gears of war.

the $299 is for idiots, n00bs, and confused grandparents. Get the $399 one. Because if you didn't, you'd still need to buy a $60 memory card, AND a hard drive eventually for another $100. And Gears is a definitely.

yA and the 400 dollar one has aloto f extra shit. teh core doesn't have it and if u buy it separtely ur prob end up spenind like 500 +
so ya listen to bhaal

and get xbox live gold

some bawlz will help too.

actually the memory card is $40..

the $400 is a way better deal, but not as much as most people think. $300 xbox + $100 hard drive is $400, wireless controller is $50 wired is $40, so $410, $20 mic is $430, composite cable is $30, component is $40 so $440. But if you also think about the fact that you have to refill your controller with batteries on the $400 one, and the $300 one doesn't take batteries, knock a little bit off, so about $430, or $420 if you grab the rechargeable+charger. So in all you only save about 20-30 bucks.

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So like i'm saving up for a new tv.
Depending on how things go I might get it next week, or in a few weeks.


nice dude

also bhaal told me there releasing new GOW maps tomamrow or sumthing, we should all paly this weekend soem time