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Xbox Live Movies + TV Shows

this is cool, you can now rent movies and downlaod tv shows from xbox for about 2 dollars or each, they got alot of good shit like south park and sealab2021, i plan on downloadin sum of that shit later maybe:P i really need a bigger harddrive tho lol

ya but when u download movie for 260 points and watch it then delete it isn't it waste of money?

movies are streamed u rent them, its alittle less than how much ud spend rentign at a video store, episodes however are downlaodable, u dont delete them

KK! could use the magic land of the internets, and find the movies ahem lying around somewhere in the tubes.

heH?? ya id rather do that

a series of tubes

anyways im too lazy to download some movie for 3 hrs lol

heh meh bleh
ya im prob download only movies from XBL cheaper than blockbuster