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X-COM 2 WaR Clan Roster

Good News!

X-COM 2 releases on 02/05/16 and I plan on streaming it. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, X-COM 2 is a turn based tactical game that pits humanity against an invading alien force. The player must survive tactical battles and employ sound base management in order to have a chance at victory.

This new iteration of X-COM allows for a very high level of character customization, including names, appearances, gear, and biography. Feel free to be as minimalist or detailed as you like.

I plan on customizing the player roster to include WaR clan members' names, memes, and their personal suggestions. The roster extends to soldiers, scientists, engineers, and civilians, so I need a lot of names. Please post suggestions for character names to be included in the campaign. Who knows, your favorite joke might end up being the savior for humanity.

Since the roster is huge, don't hesitate to post long lists of names; I will try to accommodate all of them. Some examples of good names are:

Satros (WaR member tag)
Dr. Chode Wallace (meme)
Ben Biford (WaR celebrity)
How's Coldstone? (meme)
Vape God (meme)
Brian Murphy (swag master)

I would appreciate as many suggestions you can throw at me so I can play the dankest campaign possible. Once I figure out what I'm doing, I'll try to post clips of memorable moments throughout the campaign.

Yes. You need to put out a schedule for when u plan to stream

Or at least tell us when on FB chat

Absolutely. I'll post a formal schedule for this once I get a feeling for the game and how to produce quality streams.