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World Of warcraft

Anyone play wow here ?


WoW is too dangerous. Did you know people actually dropped out of school to play WoW!?!??! And f that its too expensive.

yeah, its like drugs lol

i use to play world of warcrack but i stoped it got gay

More like world of warcrap mirite?

i play on private servers.

Of course you do Triclone.


likely story.

yeah no shit . . .i hear of people losing ther job / wife / kids / friends & bodily functions

Man i always wanted to play world of warcraft but computer cant support it.looks really fun tho.

ive been on wow for the past two week for over 100 hours i think?

so thats where youve been lol

WoW is lame

atleast 10% of war has died/never been seen again from warcrack overdose

lol my wow addiction has spurtsill play it for like 4 weeks straight then be like fuckit this is boring for a month, then be MMMM WOW TIME again


well i suppose thats better than some people who we never saw again

Bhaal, Master Sos, Etc (Kittara, Swarainiz?)

Haha I broke that habit a long time ago.

If there is ever a second one released or they overhaul the engine/graphics I'm all over that shit like a bro on natty ice.

yea i played it, got addicted, idk what happened, guess i stoped cuz of bastards