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Wolf Team
i fucking love this game!

its pretty much counterstrike source + werewolves
the normal gameplay is almost exactly the same as CSS (theres even an awp ripoff) but the part that makes it epic is that you can fucking turn into a werewolf and just rape the shit out of people. Ill post some screenies later.

sadly, its only in closed beta, and the graphics arent perfect either, but again its closed beta but i still love it

OMG OMG Werewolves! <333
im going to wait until they release a open beta version for me :)

thx for leting us known of this
i will probelly grind the sh** out of this game, since i love werewolves

same people that made last chaos hmmill look into this i guess, but i suck at pc shooters :(

so do i but well, Werewolves ! <3

supposedly open beta is july 11 but not totally sure

Alright, you know if it's going to be bought in store, or on their webiste as a free shooter game?

Darth wrote:
Alright, you know if it's going to be bought in store, or on their webiste as a free shooter game?

considering its by aeria it is gunna be free download cause all their games are free

looks cool zaifos maybe we can get the clan on it

Ah yea, dident see aeria xD

well if i get in WaR i will get your ass in it :P

Heres 3 diff kinds of wolf (regular/psyco/berserker)

All diff types of wolves (only for wolf conquest mode)

CSS style fps too

and you can run on walls

ill try to get some more of the other wolf typesnothing too special about the fps part, its the same ol' same ol'

and theres deathmatch, ice hold(can revive teammates), Conquest(cap the area), Wolf Conquest (cap the area, wolves vs humans) thats it so far tho

weapons are upgradeable with gold (from killing) and you can have 3 customized weapon sets
game is hard to get used to at first, but once you know what your doing its teh shit

the regular looks better : )

are your settings turned all the way up or is that as good as the graphics get?

also, kinda gotta lol at the werewolves' phanny packs that say 'Wolf Team'

Ye, it looks kind of gay they should remove the pants totally.

nah pants are alright cause then you dont get hit in the face with a big floppy wolf dick when you turn the camera, but the fanny pack could golol

^^, atleast they could make it shorter like hot pants or something.

if it still matters, just got an email about open beta today, so heres another link


alright im so neardy i had way better games then this but it was just the one i took mKey
and my first day in WolF team :]}]

eh, i havent played since closed beta endeddidnt like having to reset all my stats and shit

Get on and play.