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Welkin 4591

Okay so were gunna play this game now.
Its in chinese.


Basically its like planetside but newer and alittle better, and its free for now, so we might beable to have some good times on it.

Download List:
Client (download/install)
Patch (C:\Program Files\OUTPOP Digital\Welkin 4591 RC2 and choosing "overwrite all" for each file and directory.)

It will take awhile to download, once i finish downloading I will upload to somewhere much faster.

see, easy!

Then theres the part where its in chinese and not english.
(Working on finding a good english patch)

To Register:
(pick the green? team)

Ill post more instructions when i get it downloaded. I know it seems too complicated for war to handle right now, but once i get everything ill dumb it down so its nice and simple. :P

lmao fu chinese.

but the game looks nice.