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weeee first post in new section

WWUT HAPPENED TO DRAGONMIGHT!$)!@&$_#@&$)#( i always used to go play tehre and now they are like its DEAD

dragon might is inferior to cecils lag free (almost) server! hahahahahahahaha!

lol ya that was fun
SIGN IN!!!!!!!!
but ya uwere modding all teh weps and u pwnd me wit teh boot lol
this is cecil right

mac is going to buy a new less laggy sevrer soon


kk sat

someone hacked all the damn servers like the rov ones and a lot of the rey ones

hm this post happened awhile ago but dragonmight still laggy

I remember Sweetleaf,i want to play in it again.

yeah that map is a lot of fun

Dragonmight is cool and i own in there other than getting killed by lag.

dma is all good yo triclone whats the dp forums web ady?

i just love all the servers i can play on i will never give up my rune i need to look for some new maps though