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We Are Random! (and pink!) join us!

So yeahwtf happened last nightall of a sudden we gotl ike 7 people and decided to chase and mob-rape poor unsuspecting souls in Lions Archthen tons of people joined in and this went on for like 5 hoursmaybe 6.was fucking hilarious thoall of a sudden a guy sees a bunch of shirtless warriors wearing crazy masks running towards him i n a swarm and yells HELP! RAPE! WHY!!!!?? lmaoahppened to lots of people lololol they couldnt get away from uswe made a total of 11 people leave lololthen at like5am we made a new chapter of WaR on guildwars with all the people who we had joined in chasing people with us and also the people we spent following and raping for 6 hoursits sad thats how we meet peoplebut damn its funnyimagine tons of people running at you dressed weirdand 2 elfs..yelling diglet dig diglet dig TRIO TRIO TRIO!!!! bwahahahahahaa we were all laughing so hard heres screenshots! come join the guild! get guildwars if you dont have it! PINK AND PROUD ~ WE ARE RANDOM


nice one wick

heres a few more sshots of our guild


hustling our dye money :/

group hug!