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Yo guys, we gotta get a match going before May 6th..So when is the best time and date for you guys. We are pretty flexible so just give us a good date and time for you guys and we'll make it there. So if you can discuss when people can make it in your boards and come up with a solid date and time, and reply back. k ttyl

is htis for the same tourney that war already lost in? if so aren't we out of the tourny?

hows this saturday?, jsut throwing it out there, ill have to check with my members

didnt know we were still in >.<, meh better than playing euros agaIN i guess lol

(playing 100% speed with 260 ping = gay)

ill be there.

(playing 100% speed with 260 ping = gay)

I hear ya bro

yeh its double elimination, so you guys still have another chance, as do we. We're both in the losers bracket so we're playin eachother.

I say either friday or saturday, whatever one works best.

who'd u guys lose to?!?


Since its so hard to set up shit in rune, let's just do this. We'll try friday, saturday, and sunday. Just be on msn around the time of 8-9 pm EST. Everyone add me on msn We'll just try each day to get on and if we cant one day, then we'll just try the next, so it's bound to get done by the end of the weekend. Does this sound good to you guys??


lol and u say my msn is gay but anyways im good for the weekend..shit i could do it right now but i'll just wait till the weekend omg if we gotta play at ingles again im suiciding

we do lol

friday is no good for me, i have the SATs saturday mourning, sat or sun night are fine tho

Aight well just be on msn around that time this upcoming weekend and we'll just wing it. Just make sure you all add me on msn. and ya Ingles is gay, but u guys picked it lol

If you guys post the time on here,i can pretty much make any time on the weekend,excpet 4-8 on Saturday because im watching Spiderman and hanging out with friends.

How about tonight, (saturday) at about 9:00 PM EST time. If you can, let me know, I'll be on msn.

Alright well scratch today, didnt work out. Our last chance to play this match is tomorrow (sunday). I will deffinetely have 3 on tomorrow night, so let's schedule this for Tomorrow night (sunday) at 9:00 pm EST time. We'll be in our server (-=ROV=-Revolver) at that time, so get your 3 and head into our server. I'll be on msn too..Let's try to get this shit done guys.

kk will do