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WAR tourney

i was thinking of having a rune tourney


the tourney will be around june 15th, the rebirthday of war clan!

it wont be a normal tourney howerver, it will be WAR STYLE

we will have 20-30 participants

10 people will participate in 1 event at a time

we will allow backups to sign up because alot of ppl usualy bail out and cant make it

these will be the events:

Tyrant of the Skies
i will create a war tr racing map that truely tests air combat, there will be no places to fight on the ground only a large airzone for air fighting, the only place u will beable to walk is a neutral spawn zone with racers and weapons

Snowfight in Summer
snowball mod, which i will start soon, there will be a large snowball fight place, participants will snowball fight using obsticles,snowbanks etc to thier advantage

Satros' Challenge
participants will race to the end of Satros' Challenge, an obsticle coursemap where death is at everyturn, only good timing, coordination, jumping skills and not getting smashed,pitdroped,burnt etc will get you through

not sure about this yet, however i think a deathmatch using weapons such as fish, mallots etc, other weird ass stuff war style would be fun

k i suck at all

count me in.

same if i can go on.

I wanna do it.