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War Clan Wizardry Wednesdays?

War Clan Wizardry Wednesdays?

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(or some other day?)

I'm planning on organizing times where we get on and do dungeons and shit. Right now I am thinking Wednesday nights because I am a fan of using alliteration.

I really like this game, there is a lot of depth in it, and it would be super fun to get together and dungeon/PK/bountyhunt/etc, the problem is that doing things alone is dangerous and takes forever. There is usually at most like 3 of us on at a time. If we could get 4+ we could go through dungeons pretty quickly and level up faster. It would also be much more fun.

Please take a second to fill out this doodle so we can find the best time for all of us:

Note: It lists the days of next week, but it really is meant to be more reoccurring, ignore the dates, only the day of week is important.

Also, please respond to the poll/doodle even if you don't play Wizardry or haven't gotten into it but would be more likely to play if we were all playing at the same time.

Would you be interested in organized times to play Wizardry as a group?

Yes, because Zaifos and I managed to get ahead ( to the Temple of Oblivion ) and it's going to take more than two lone sausages to complete that for sure.

Just haven't had the time to be on these last couple weeks due to work. Should change some time between now and Saturday.

i saw this and i was like 'I LOVE WIZARDRY, count me in, im sooo down to do wizardry with you guys every wednesday!' then i realized you were talking about some video game. NEVERMIND.