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{{WaR}} Clan Minecraft Realm

Now, I know most of you are probably done with Minecraft ( 2011 was like, 7 years ago LOL )

But I figured i'd let you guys know. There's no mods or anything unfortunately, but the upside to that is the server is super stable, and likely won't be laggy because there's 30 odd 12 years old burning shit down and raiding constantly.

I've got the world pretty well developed. There's roads and a nether railway connecting most of the major towns and NPC villages, a hand tailored dungeon I built, sewer system, etc, etc..

The General idea is I just wanted a server to ourselves to relax and goof around and explore, make cool stuff or whatever. The rule set is pretty simple, just don't overdue it on the griefing and generally just be friendly. PvP is on but i'd generally like to avoid the clusterfuckness of the old days where no one was friendly. If you're gonna kill someone, do it for a good reason rather than just because :thumb:

Being that it's a realm, i'll need to whitelist you. So if you want in post your MC username or tell me on Steam messenger or w/e and i'll get you in.

This isn't just for {{WaR}} clan members only, also people that generally orbit us or hell, even visit this forgotten place and post and are general acquaintances can tag along too.