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Vintage/Retro Gaming Thread

Hello, I've wanted to make this thread for a while. I'm a big fan of retro gaming: old consoles, emulation/pi machines, handhelds, etc. So I wanted to make a post about what everyone has. I'll start:

alt text

This is my SEGA collection. I have 2 DC's cuz I want to mod one of them so badly. I REALLY, really want a 32X, Saturn and a SegaCD. Oh well. They are hitting Crazy prices right now!

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Microsoft Collection:
xbox Original, xbox 360 (not shown: Halo 3 edition), xbox One

Sega Genesis and DreamCast with controllers.


The Nintendo Collection

Bonus pic, as I said I picked up this Halo 3 edition on ebay recently as a backup in the case that my OG ever dies. Found a spare HDD and we are off and running!

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