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Tribes: Ascend Shazbot Edition

While everyone is waiting for planetside 2 we can play a game (free 2 play / pay 2 win) called Tribes: Ascend.

Go here
and register an account and download the game then like it on facebook to get a beta key.

Now this game is shit but its fun and free so read this:
it will teach you the basics.

Now an introductory video to get what the game is about:

Or you can pay 30$ get lifetime VIP and 30days boost god etc useless shit this video explains it:

If you decide you are a bad enough shazbot to play this game post your name and add me
*you can't send people friend requests you have to add each other to join one another(game is shit).

Also there are a shitton of memes and gifs related to this game.

I was gonna get this yesterday, was watching two teams play on a stream and it looked fun. Good old fashioned high speed fps. Might be fun cause we always play UT2k4 CTF which isnt really similar but similar enough and this is free so we could probably get more to play.

Downloading now

Here is a good reddit thread for details on the game:

the one snow map reminds me of of the two tower asteroid map on ut2k4

Me, Knight, and Memetic played, was really fun. Everyone should get it. gogogogo

For anyone who wants to get an idea of what gameplay is like:

It was really fun in closed beta ill have to get back on some time.

you may not realize these are funny till you realize that your bad at the game first

also you know post your names

im also kinda legit at this game

my name on it is: Satrosian

redoing the game loads of money and changes