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hey i jsut saw this game, it comes out 2007, its like cyber viking style

Story and influences
The game is directly based on Norse mythology. The gods, however, are not gods but cybernetically enhanced humans. The player takes on the role of Baldur, the Norse god of light, second son of Odin and brother of Thor. Baldur is charged with protecting humanity from advanced machines who want nothing less than to exterminate the human race. Everything in the game has a direct parallel to Norse mythology, known parallels being the Valkyries and the gods, Loki, Thor and Odin. It also incorporates less-direct parallels, such as Baldur's sword, Fenrir, or his pistols, Gungnir, which take their names from Norse mythology but represent different concepts (Fenrir is a wolf, for example, not a sword). The whole story will unfold across three installments. Silicon Knights is scarce with the story details, but SK President Denis Dyack has suggested that the story might be a sort of futuristic prehistory on which the Norse mythology we know is based. Another sign of Norse influences is the runes on the box, they read 'Of God Of Men Of Machine'

A secondary but still important influence can be found in the title of the game. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote a book by the name of Human, All Too Human. This suggests that facets of Nietzsche?s philosophy will be used in the narrative of the game. Also a Nietzsche quote, "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster." is also seen at the beginning of the trailer for the game.

Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light is another possible influence. In Zelazny's novel, humans rule over a primitive world by using technology to impersonate the Hindu pantheon.
Too Human is a third-person action game. The player has the choice of several weapon types, including swords, hammers, polearms, pistols, rifles, lasers and more, along with cybernetic upgrades and different (or upgradeable, it is unknown at this point) armor. There is also an in-game Matrix-like computer network you can patch into, called "Cyberspace", to break-up the action of the game. Online play similar to Phantasy Star Online will allow up to four players to connect over Xbox Live for cooperative play.

developed with Unreal 3.0 engine

heres some sshots

i think ill get it when it releases, based only on the fact that it vaguely relates to vikings lol (im sure it has some other good things in it too tho)

Yah, I'm thinking about getting it. I might, assuming I have the money and my 360 back from my dad by then

oh yeah ive beeen looking into this for a whilethe fighting style is very unique,,,, and it seems fun as fuck..i want it 2 time!!!