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The epic story behind my maps

That's right, i rmembered the story word for word and typed it all in five minutes.

well, the epic struggle against demons would have to begin in DM-FinalLegend
but even before you even take any place in finallegend.
In finallegend's history, wizards built a tower to the heavens, similar to the tower of babel. on the last floor of it was a portal, but ignorantly used the wrong magic, opening a gateway to a nightmarish world. when it was opened several invisible, ethereal demonic beings entered the mortal plane, possessed the wizards and using more powerful demonic magics, intesified the portal ( alot bigger so that actual corpereal manifestations can spring forth ). soon odd dark blue clouds fileld the sky, blocking normal sunlight and enveloped Valachia in eternal night. Soon the dead began to rise again,
strange beasts at first only spoken of in legend began to spring into existance. then the demons came forth to enact a great plot to not only cover valchia in unforgiving night, but the entire world.
for about a month the people were herded like cattle, treated like prisoners.
the demons studied their seemingly pathetic way of life, primitive with magic.
they then concluded that mankind was a cancer, and must be annhilated.
those that stood up against them were slain, those that tried to remain hidden were found, until one night, a light shined from the sky and descened from the clouds was the savior Satros, godly sword Excalibur ( not the one from arthurian legend ) and magic reflecting shield, Valor in his hands, he fought back the demon hordes, fought them back into their tombs, caves, and pushed the majority of them in the portal, and closed it. Satros then, with Excalibur, severed the bridge leading to the tower, glided to the tower's top and with a swift punch to its roof, the tower began to sink and descend into the lake, soon to be forgotten of.
Humanity though did not forget of the incident for a long time and its scars remained. although daylight was given back to the humans, the night belonged to the supernatural and undying fiends that escaped Satros' might.
that all took place somewhere in the 600 A.D., but now 946 years later,
( its now 1546, if you didnt do the math ) greatly benefited from the magics gifted to the mortals by 'Innocent Demons' but put into the wrong hands.
a corrupted priest seeks to become an unaging demon, and to earn their gift he must ressurrect the tower that has long been buried under the lake, of which he does. the clouds blot the sky again, demons then become active all the time, giving the humans no time to rest. the demons soon build a large wall around the village to encase the humans like sheep, as one by one they are slaughtered. the people pray and pray upon Satros' blessed sword and shield, but to no avail.
Now the whole village is down to four people. these people decided to fight back, eve if they die, they die gloriously in battle. wielding the old relics of Satros, Leon and his team fight their way out of the village, through the dreadful nightscaped mountains, and into the very womb of which more evil springs forth. the heroes then confront the priest's guard, simply known as Death, a giant sark wielding a huge axe, and prevail! Leon then slashes down the door to the portal chamber and has a deadly duel with the now 'evolutionized' priest and his men. by the time Leon gets there though, the priestess was already sacrificed, she was the only one who had the holy magics to close the portal, so now Leon sought to destroy it with Excalibur.
Leon thrusted the blade at the portal, shattering the portal like a mirror.
the portal was destroyed, the tower began to sink again, Leon and his men sprinted out of the tower in time to see it collapse back into the lake.
their old home was razed to the ground, and in rage the now journeyed across all the country side in hunt for all the Hell lords seeking to destroy them and rid their unnatural presence off the world.

Now, in ToHelandback1 the hero is unnamed. That is actually Leon, all of his friends died on his latest confrontation with a powerful hell lord.
Leon stops by the old Meteor Inn, which has a old large meteor that crashed
onto the earth in its front yard. the meteor contained a rare element called Adamant, the best of sword steel you could attain.
they mined and mined the precious ore until one of the miners stroke a meteoric vein of acid, of which melted everyone within the meteor and left a huge hole inside of it leading down to the old tomb.
the demons, seeing this a great place to hide during daylight take it as an advantage and hide there. a demon knight that calls himself the tormentor
starts operation of digging another exit from the deepest depth of the tombs, ths exit leading behind the town so that they can flank the humans at night.
Leon's Excalibur vibrates as he nears the meteor, sure sign of demonic occupation, he grabs a torch and goes in. he faces off with the zombified warriors who sought to do the same, and soon faces off with the tormentor,
in the battle the tormentor flees from Leon, but Leon follows him closely.

Leon followed The Tormentor's footsteps, everywhere the demon went he slaughtered everything. The Tormentor finally lead Leon to an abandoned mining facility, well it was seemingly abandoned. Leon saw the Tormentor creep into the deep tunnels without any source of light.
Leon saw this as time to hide in one of the houses and rest, when he opened the door to the house, although, he found three survivors of a demonic raid.
no doubt, they have heard tells of Leon and his quest to cleanse Valachia
of evil. The instantly recognized Leon by his long golden hair, his all out knightly appearance. He wore a shirt of mail, one of his arms had a steel vambrace with a valknut engraving on it, he had a steel pauldron on his left shoulder, the Excalibur resting in its sheath on his belt on his right side.
on his back was the brilliant shining Valor and a cerulean cape with golden trim.
Leon was able to convince the survivors to fight with him, and that they would enter the mines at the beginning of dawn. until then the rested, the only meal being a slice of bread and cheese.
The dawn came, Leon and his new team departed. Thugg was armed with a dirk, Hard leather cuirass and a nordic helm, Swarainiz was armed with nothing but a pickaxe.
They picked up torchs and plunged into the deep dank darkness of the mines,
the darkness seemed to want to devour them, the only thing keeping it from doing so was the torches. Our heroes then came across some vicious tubestrikers! Leon rushed forward, shield up, when the tubestriker lunged its tungue to hit, Leon cut the tongue in twain! In minutes Leon had a clear path for his mates, so they progressed forward. They came upon to what seemed to be an old manor buried for centuries by a mudslide, there they encountered the three dwarven guards, Lygni,Skald and Frothur.
"Dost thou seek to pass?" asked Skald. " Aye, that we do seek to pass." replied Leon. " Hmm, Then ye all must die!" yelled the three dwarves, as they drew their weapons, an axe, sword and hammer!
Swarainiz readied his pickaxe, Thugg drew his dirk, Leon brandished his Excalibur and Valor.
Skald went for a ramming charge at Leon, Leon lifted his shield up and met Skald's tackle with a bash from Valor, sending Skald flying onto the ground on his arse! Swarainiz then proceeded to run towards the fallen Skald and with his pickaxe smashed the dwarf's skull! Frothur lobbed his worksword at Swarainiz, luckily Frothur barely missed, only cutting Swar's left arm.
Leon then summoned a wind blast from the Excalibur, making the remaining dwarves shuffling on their feet. " Hey Leon! when i throw my dagger to were its in front of you, use the wind blast again on my dagger!" recommended Thugg. Leon then summoned another wind blast, angled at the dagger which is angled at Frothur! The dagger flew at a highspeed and pierced Frothur in his throat! Leon then put his shield up in front of him, his sword pointing behind him as he charged at Lygni, who was raising his axe for a blow!
Leon hit his axe while in mid-air with Valor, sending the axe out of his hands, Leon then followed Valor's bash with the back edge of Excalibur, which sliced through the dwarf's chunky torso horizontally like a hot knife through butter!
Lygni's jaw was wide open, as he slowly looked down at his own torso and so a small line of blood beginning to trickle across his chest. Leon then sheathed the Excalibur, just at the same time Lygni split into two pieces with his transgression all over the floor.
Swar walked up to a kicking and screaming Frothur, holding the dagger in his neck, he was letting out some terrible noise as blood kept gurgling in his mouth. Swarainiz lifted up his foot, and stomped the dagger on its pommel driving it further into the dwarf's neck.
Leon ripped a little piece of cloth from Swar's tunic and used it to bandage his cut. Thugg then claimed Frothur's worksword, Swar picked up Lygni's axe as a better weapon. The three continued on their adventure, using Skald's workhammer to smash through the boulders blocking the path. The three climbed deeper and deeper until when Swar stepped on the ground, letting out a crunching noise. Leon lowered the torch to the floor. " Bones..Bones everywhere..Where are we some kind of mass grave?" Said Swar. " Not to worry, everything is dead here." replied Thugg sarcastically.

well im tired of typing now so stay tuned folks for part two of tohelandbackv2!

A distant stir was heard in the deep reaches of the mass grave.
The heroes kept their hands upon their weapons, ever ready to combat
an fiends deep within this tomb. " Excalibur glows stronger now, comrades."
Said Leon, " I believe were are nearing a company of them, judging by
the bright light Excalibur is resonating." The heroes travelled further in the massive grave, they heard a loud stir now. The heroes stopped and picked the torches up high, they saw something they didnt believe.
The bones on the ground were lifted up and moving, as if something was burrowing beneath them! it stopped and soon there was a long dreaded silence, then the whole hallway lit up bright red, archaic symbols glowed and
resonated on the floors and walls, many undead hands jolted from the floor
of bones. Leon and the heroes brandished their weapons, trying to lop the heads off of the zombies before they fully ascended from the bones, some of the zombies reaching out of the floor thrashing swords about! they seemed to have killed them all at first, but they felt a great quaking in the tomb.
The heroes had no other choice but to move forward, and as soon as they saw a large formation of the undead, they charged forth, slashing, stabbing hacking and dodging clouds of poisonous embalming gas emitted by the undead and their claws.
they finally fought their way to a lit room, lit by an unnatural red light.
leon looked down to the room, in it he saw the Tormentor, he was guarding some sort of exit along about four other zombies. " Alright, Thugg, Swar, you guys get rid of the zombies, i'll take the Tormentor, when you guys are done with that help me out!" Commanded Leon. The three heroes courageously plunged into the pit with the Tormentor! Swar and Thugg stood back to back,
lopping off the heads of zombies, as Leon charged for the Tormentor.
Leon dodged the Tormentors constant weaving attack by shifting to the left and right dodging his vicious claymore! soon Swar and Thugg were done with the zombies, Swar jumped on the Tormentor's back and began to hack away!
Leon finally caught the time to block and lock the Tormentor's claymore onto his shield, as Thugg lifted up his worksword and swung it at the Tormentor's
neck and lopped of his head! Swar quickly jumped away from the demons venomous blood as when it landed upon the skulls that made up the floor, they melted.

well im tired of typing again folks, stay tuned for part 3 of tohelandbackv2

part 3 of tohelandback v2

Our three Heroes, Swar, Thugg and Leon pressed onwards after they had slain the Tormentor, avenging the deaths of many. They proceeded to a large lit hallway with some warped stairs leading downward, to some sort of pit with a rickety bridge above it, the acid glowed a dark green light and bubbled obnoxiously.
The Demon Belial was waiting for their arrival, Belial appeared tall and grey in colour, with a worksword at his side. " Leon, you've arrived. i hope your not too weary from fighting off the Tormentor, because we got an even bigger battle ahead of us." greeted Belial, " Azmoday, Luciferus and Azazel are in there, they know not of whats going to happen!" concluded Belial.
"Let's do it" said the three heroes.
the battle was quick and brutal, the now four heroes hacked through the other remaining hell lords and pressed on.

(We are now entering the story in DM-ForTheLastTime)

It was dark when they arrived in an old ruined cemetary, a blue lit nightscape of nightmares and looming shadows of grave markers, this place seemed to be the darkest place they had ever been to.
"This is it, the entrance to Hell on Earth, this is where the main Hell Lord keeps his residence." Said Belial, " I'll go no further, for Satan is my father after all. I'm going to warn the three of you, Satan's presence is very strong, the closer you are to him, the more twisted your surroundings become, you'll know your close when your very environment looks like its actually living"
The three heroes heeded Belial and grabbed torches, they then set foot into a kingly mausoleum, there was dead silence in that dark place, the walls lined with nude corpses, impaled upon spears. Dried blood was all over the walls and floor, smeared handprints that seemed to show that people were being dragged into the mausoleum. Then the silence was broken by the high pitched scream of a demon! The heroes drew their weapons and destroyed a small onslaught of zombies. Now they were even more cautious, feeling a terrible paranoia that the corpses near the entrance were following them in the darkness, watching. They finally made it to a seemingly dead end, there was a hole in the floor. Swar dropped his torch to see how long of a drop the hole was, in three seconds the torch hit the ground, it was a safe fall distance, so the heroes plunged deeper into the tomb one by one.
Again they were in a mass grave, as the felt the crunch of bones beneath their feet. " Damn! how many people have been killed by these monsters!" yelled Swar. " an unfathomble number." replied Leon.
The heroes came to a twisted landscape, the walls burning like magma, moving rapidly like a wildfire, red light burning their retinas, hot air surrounding them, every breath inhaling boiling air into their lungs.
They made a last drop, they were finally in Hell, surrounded by it's lawless minions.
The heroes hacked their way through onslught after onslaught after horde and after horde of demons while traversing a narrow walkway of bones with a lake of fire on each side of them, for hours it seemed they were fighting a never ending battle until they finally made their way to a stairway, leading up to a black monastery. The heroes drew their weapons and together, they shouted, " We draw these weapons, for the last time!" as they entered the monastery, they were greeted by a giant demonic blood red dragon, standing on all fours in the center of a glowing red pentagram. " Not even death can save you from ME, mortals!" yelled Satan in a voice that quaked Hell itself!
Satan opened his enormous maw, and spewed out a stream of magma toward the heroes, Thugg attempted to slice Satan with his Battlesword, but to no effect, Swar distracted the mighty devil as Leon noticed a throbbing heart on his back, Thugg was then sweeped off his feet as he was hit by one of Satan's wings, Leon jumped on Satan's back, wielded the Excalibur like a dagger and began to stab at the heart! Satan began to let out a terrible howl and began to fly around hell, sprayng magma all over the monastery!
Leon held on tight, everything a red blur as he felt the hot wind hit his face,
hacking and stabbing at the heart with Excalibur, Satan finally began to make a crash landing as he let out a terrifying howl and knocked down the monastery walls. Leon climbed off Satan's back, believing he had done it. He had finally killed the root of all terror. As Leon and comany walked towards the exit, Satan began to stand on his hind legs and let out a roar!
The heroes quickly turned around to see a towering Satan above them.
Swar ran toward and slashed Satan's soft belly with his worksword, Satan reared one of his arms, and unsheathed long, black sickle shaped claws and began to sweep the ground with them! Thugg managed to black them with his shield, Leon dashed forward and ran up Satan's left leg with Excalibur plunged in, and began to climb up higher and higher on Satan's body, Leon then reached Satan's head and kicked off high into the air above Satan and landed the Excalibur in Satan's forehead! Satan stood there, paralyzed, as Leon knelt upon Satan's head, with Excalibur still in his hand. Leon then withdrew the sword and jumped off, kicking satan below his chin, knocking him to the ground. There Satan lay, acidly blood spewing forth from the massive wounds Leon has gave him. Satan, in his last breath, tensed up and Hell started to collapse, it started to be sucked into the wound on Satan's head like a black hole. The Heroes looked around for the exit, but it was blocked off by mass rubble! They had no where to run or hide! Then everything began to flash and explode into white.

Swar and Thugg awoke in a flowery meadow, calm warm sunlight hitting their faces. An angel was sitting there watching them. " The rest of the Heroes who slew Satan have awoken!" the angel said in an child like voice.
Another angel walked towards the to heroes, he was tall with long wild platinum hair, adorned in armour of gold, he had a flaming wavy bladed zweihander in hand. " Worry not, for you are not dead,We managed to save the three of you. My name is Michael."
"Where are we?" Asked Swar.
"Outside of the old cemetary, looks different from when you guys first seen it,
does'nt it?" Replied Michael.
" Sure does, its not creepy anymore. Say, Wheres Leon?" Asked Thugg
" His assistance is needed in elsewhere, a faraway place called Towns." answered Michael, " although there are still demons roaming about, we could your both of your help in combing the place around." continued Michael.
" Let's do it." agreed Thugg and Swar.

The End, for now.

in DM-Rp-Townian legend, Swar and Thugg are known as demonslaying Saints.

the aforementioned map is where Leon disappeared to.

Time to continue and finish the last piece of the story, if you've read everything in Valachia is now sunny, peaceful and well how it should be.
but theres still one piece of land that is far off, that piece of land has it the worst and the worst history of the demonic invasion.

DM-Rp-Towns, or just Towns as i call it. haven't been able to come up with a name for the country it takes place in. The land of towns is very old, predating Valachia. Towns is seemingly sunny, but thats only because of the sunstone inhabiting the castle, the reason you see clouds at the borders of the map, is because the gods pretty much sealed the place off due to the invaded and contaminated nature of the place. The people once lived beneath the water, as you can see in my latest beta version which i only have, theres towers and ruins poking out of the sand, there used to not be a lake, everyone really lived down there at one point in time, but the gods first tried to flood the demons out, forcing mankind to move up to the mountains.
That didn't work. everything they tried didn't work too well, so they just closed off the place like a mentioned before. Towns is also were Leon was teleported to, hoping that he could save the place.

They thought wrong, Leon gets lost in the real Hell, he was separated from his mates, he wonders the broken nightmarish lands for three years until he sees some odd light and wakes up on the shores near the fishing village.
After that he becomes extremely comatose and then pretty much a madman,
in the latest version of the map, v3, his home is in the tallest tower, the highest room ( ive been trying to find some good voice recordings, probably gonna have to do it myself, im gonna put someone like a shipwreck ragnar in there and a trigger, pressing it will make him say some pretty wild ****.)
Not only that, but the Valor and Excalibur are lost deep in the cold earth as well as the Einlanzer, another powerful sword capable of destroying dragons rather easily. There are four different villages, the one you start in, i call it the Newb Village, where you start your adventure. to get to the next village, the Fishing Village, the hero has to go through the caverns and then brave the forest of eternal night. In the fishing village, you can relax a bit, re equip yourself, eat up, and head for the castle or the dwarven fortress if you want.
The castle is having its own problems as well, which is why the soldiers haven't been helping the villagers as much as they should. beneath the castle is a large tomb, used to be a rather peaceful place, but the demons found their way into there as well. The Duke's daughter and one of his guards mysteriously disappear. It's up to you to find out what happened to them.

Deep beneath the castle also is the long dead but until now ressurected black dragon, that was once slain by einlanzer. now in game he looks like any normal dragon, but i always imagine him as this big black nasty acidic blood demon thing, you know hes like made out of liquid, every step he makes he melts the skulls giving off this deadly miasma gas, even worse he pukes up this black river of blood that melts anything in its path. The only thing that really harm him in this state is either the Excalibur ( minimal damage to him) or the Einlanzer ( critically damages him, simply because the great blade was designed to kill him )

well, that should paint a good picture of whats in and to be in my latest creation. also paints a good picture of the background of this map's story,
which is gonna be told in like the next post when i get to it.

Mm'k, now we go on to the story of DM-Rp-Towns yeehaw.

You awaken on the shores of a small hamlet, exhausted, all you could remeber were hearing somone saying, " You are chosen.", before seeing a bright flash before your eyes. A kind villager offered to house you, seeing as though you are homeless now, you accept the offer.

You awaken, refreshed, to a new day. You hear the clanking of armour outside your room, you hear them coming towards you! " He's in here."
you hear the knight open the door, " Hmmyou look young and able bodied.
we're going to need your services in the Imperial Army. It's a sad thing we have to do this draft, but its necessary, someone has to defend the people.
Hey, you're going to need these for the trip to the castle." The Knight hands you a small sword and a buckler. " You might want to practice a bit, you'll need it. While you're doing that, i'll be meeting up with some old friends."

After are a tedious hour of practicing, you hear the knight walk forward to you, " Well you seem to be pretty aquainted with that sword, hmm, we got 8 hours of daylight left, i believe we could make the trip." The knight hands you a torch as you enter a cavern of sorts, it's a long walk into the darkness, but up ahead you spot some green lights, you begin to hear some obnoxious bubbles. " Okay, you're going to need to be very careful of were you step here. The bridge is old and rotting away, The villagers are too chicken **** to come down here and repair it" You carefully edge across on leftover plankage, taking a sigh of relief as the both of you get across. " It's not far now, although we will be greeted by darkness in the forest." Soon enough, you could see a dark blue light beaming out of the exit, You both hastily climb forward and out of the cave. " This is the hardest part of the journey, these damn woods are always packed with monsters. Put out that torch, all it will do is beacon them over here." You put out the torch as the knight instructed, but as you begin to look up you see the knight jump in surprise, " Quick, get ready to fight! it's a Horror!" You draw your sword, and begin to look around, You dont see anything, not even your companion! Then, a black tall shadowy figure rised from the darkness, and came charging forth! you start to flail your sword wildly at the beast, you kill it , but the beast shattered your shield. After catching you breath you begin to search for your companion, soon becoming lost in a dark wilderness of pain. Soon everywhere you turned, you saw something glaring back at you, chasing you, showing you hostility, you begin to hear your own heart, a slow methodic thump, gradually getting louder and louder until it seems as though the noise is shaking your head. In the midst of all the chaos, you feel something pull you off to the side, slamming you to the ground. It's only the knight, wounded though, he told of how some small black creatures dragged him off into the woods. the two of you sneak out of the woods, to be embraced by sunlight and a warm welcome from the Fishing Village.

As you enter the village, you expected to be greeted with a warm welcome, only to be greeted by sorrow. The village has been under siege and attack for years, the undead just keep marching forth from the cemetary.

You're ushered to the castle, where you meet Lord Harald and like all the other folk here, he seems very troubled. Before you can ask him of whats wrong, you are taken to the quartermaster's office.

" so you're the new arrival. Here, take this shield and sword. We have a job for you, we haven't heard from first platoon in two days, they were sent to the castle cellar. you are charged with the duty of finding them."

you think to yourself of how a platoon of soldiers can get lost in a cellar, although you hold your questioning of orders back..

" ..And to tell you a little piece of advicetheres some dark things going on down there. keep your wits about you."

As you are about to leave Lord Harald walks in and stops you, and updates your mission. He says that his daughter is missing and that if you see her down there along with anyone else, escort them back.

You are then dismissed off to your duty, you walk back down to the main hall and down mulitple flights of stairs, grabbing a torch on the way. Taking a sigh of relief now that you were at the bottom of the stairs, you began to notice somrthing someone was watching you, there was a cold moist air blowing from the narrow hall, disobeying your instincts and obeying your orders, you continue your quest ins earch of the platoon and the lord's daughter. You find the exit of the narrow hall, its cold in here and very dark but as you walk around you tripped over something and fell onto the cold,wet,sticky floor. As you get up you find a standing torch and light it, but the new light greets you with a grizzly scene.

There is blood.everywhere! The floor is littered with severed limbs and corpses, but among the slain you see one crawling around on the floor, his legs pale and mangled, his eyes gouged out, the wound seeming to be self inflicted. You walk forth to the casualty, and he snaps forht and grabs your ankle with his cold bloody hands. You ask him what happened here.

He replies in a low timid whisper, " They came from deeper within this place, they bursted forth from the wall, from the deeper sanctumsAll my friends where here, they were my only family.Now they're gone."

You hear a screeching noise from deeper in the Cellar and draw your sword.
There is a long silence, all you could hear was the panting of the wounded soldier as he layed upon his back, real close to the edge of the light.

The noise again! This time really close. " They're back, They're here..And all they want is to destroy us! God he-"
Your friend is interrupted and dragged instantaneously into the darkness, you hear him screaming helplessly as whatever is out there slaughters him. You hear some shifting behind you, a corpse has risen! You pull back your sword ready for a strike as it slowly encroaches near, It's in range! You strike it's throat, deep enough to wear It's head falls and dangles by a piece of flesh.
You hear it's blood gurgling from it's open throat as it slowly falls down.

A light that you havent seen before now splinters across the dark hallway from a creaked door. You investigate further, You open the door to another grizzly scene! A woman is pierced onto the floor by a strange sword, underneath her is glowing red star. You feel as though what ever watching you is close, you are startled as you look to the left near an altar, a man wearing a cloak stands. " You fear me. I forgive you for that." said the Stranger. " Are..Are you a survivor?" you hesitantly ask him. " No, but i have seen what has transpired here, but you can guess what happened." Replied the Stranger. " There is some wisdom i wish to impart to You. This Cellar is not a Cellar at all, it's a catacomb. The devils must have found a way into the catacombs and up to the cellar some time ago."
You pause" so that's why theres an absence of guards in the fishing village?" You ask. " " Bullseye! Because demons have been putting the caste under siege from below, Lord Harald doesnt have neough forces ot send to the fishing village." Replied the Stranger, " You've been put in these lands to change that. But you're going to need help. That is help from a two-centuries dead knight." Continued the Stranger. " What help is a dead knight!?" You ask in bewilderment. " Why, all the help you need. His name is Cecil, Slayer of the dragon Vaegir, wielder of the adamantine blade, Einlanzer. The demons wish to resurrect him and use him against your kind, this plot thickens as well, they've already resurrected Vaegir."

" Vaegir..A terrifying beast he was. A black Wyvern, who's claws were wavy like fire and sharp as steel, his breath was like being thrown into a furnace.
Many were sent to fight him, but none prevailed. Soon it was found out that normal weapons couldnt hurt Vaegir, so the Dwarves up north allied with us on a project, Project Einlanzer. The dwarves donated the last bit of Adamant they had left in the production of this blade, and the finest of their smiths to make it as well. The finest of Innocent Devil clerics were also assembled to enchanting the blade with powerful magicks. The ability to create adamantine blades and matter at will. Although this power is useless to anyone else, the sword was designed for a certain knight back in the day. Cecil, a pretty well renowned spell-sword, he already had the ability to summon Iron blades at will, with Einlanzer in hand, that ability was upgraded. It is said when Cecil faced the Wyvern, he jammed the Einlanzer into the ground, forced pikes of adamant up into the beasts' belly, the wyvern recoiled in pain and as it did Cecil furiously kicked kicked him down on his back and stomped his slithery throat to the ground and beheaded the beast. Afterwards, Cecil used the Einlanzer in further conquests, such as defending the dwarves from demonic invasion and sealing the cemetary tombs with a spiked wall of adamant."

" Amazing story..So this Einlanzer, where is it?" You ask. " Until recently, the dwarves took the Einlanzer back in their possession. Although I've got plans for them and the Einlanzer as well." The Stranger said with a smile" You better head back to the surface with a report of your findings, I'll be here."

You tell Harald of your findings, he broke into tears after hearing about his daughters' untimely demise and You report to the Quarter Master on the lost platoon, no survivors, You quickly sneak back down into the Cellar and report back to the Stranger.

"Your back and we've got things to do. First we have got to get into the inner sanctum and turn Cecil to our side during the resurrection, so we must make haste! " Said the Stranger, " Take this Torch, it's very dark in there."

You and the Stranger walk into a dark maze of halls, sometimes the floor unseen, blanketed with bones. As the both of you get deeper you begin to hear strange chanting " We're very close, peek around that corner." ordered the Stranger. You peek around the corner as told, You see a strang sight, a circle of demons and orbs are dancing around a blood red star, in the center there is a open sarcophagus, to the left there is a cauldron filled with an odd boiling liquid.

" Devil Blood" continued the Stranger, " used to transform lesser undead into powerful demons." the Stranger gasps, " He rises from his grave! Now we strike!" Ordered the Stranger.

You both charge into the room, you hack and slice away at many small,dark creatures, lopping heads left and right! The Stranger draws his Kriegsmesser, and slashes down many in one stroke! Amidst the chaos of the battle, Cecil slowly crawls from his sarcophagus, watching the two warriors as they stand, panting from vigorously fighting off demons.

You both slowly turn to see that the undead Cecil is staring the both of you down. Cecil then charges at you and claws a hole in your chain mail! Stranger quickly runs for the cauldron and drops an enchanted scroll into it, the boiling blood turns blue! Cecil now has your neck in his hands and is slowly crushing You! Stranger then casually walk behind the unwitting Cecil, and bashes the back of his head with the hilt of his kriegsmesser. Cecil drops you to the ground and falls.

" Well he'll be out for a bit. now help me lay him back in his grave." ordered the Stranger yet again. You both lay him in his grave, Then Stranger picks up the cauldron of pure blood and dumps it all inside the sarcophagus. Steam geysers forth from the sarcophagus, as the pure blood slowly evaporates.

Cecil Awakens. " UrghWhere am I?" questions Cecil, his voice being a demonic growl. " Your deathbed, that's where." replies a cheerful Stranger.
" The demons were trying to resurrect you Sir Cecil, to use you as a powerful pawn." You explain. " Is that so? So they're backI wonder how my children are.." replies Cecil. " You're children arent alive, Cecil. You've been dead for two-hundred years. Now you could reunite with their descendants if you like." Said the Stranger," Also you might want to reunite with the Einlanzer as well, the dwarves have stolen it from your people." Continued the Stranger.

By the brightening glow in Cecil's hollow eyes, you could tell he was irate at those last words " ohh..and Vaegir has been resurrected too, no doubt." nagged on the stranger. " I can't believe this! I died knowing my children were to be safe and that the Einlanzer to be left to them should they need it!" yelled a furious Cecil, his voice shaking the dust off the ground!

The third hero had been found and awakened to perform his duty, now for the aid of the fourth hero.

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It was a joyous feeling to be heading out of those catacombs, a dreadful place that. But the three of you weren't greeted with kindness as you made your exit into the castle.

" Private! There you are! we've been looking for you, abnd you are charged with abandoning your post." Said the QuarterMaster, " Sieze him!"

several guards marched forth towards you, but they stopped suddenly, You turn around and see Cecil.

" A demon! Demon!" Yelled the guards as one drew his spontoon forth for a jab at Cecil. Cecil grabbed hold of the guard's spontoon and picked the guard up with it! Stranger unsheathed his kriegsmesser and readied for battle.
You drew your broadsword from your side and lifted your shield in a defensive position.

" Help me! Don't just stand there!" yelled the spontoon wielding guard as he slid down towards Cecil. As he neared grabbing distance Cecil grabbed his head, Cecil's fingers almost wrapping all the way around! The guard began to scream and kick wildly, you turn away..a sight you couldnt bear to see.
You saw the guards shadow as he was held up by Cecil, three enormouse spikes came from behind the guard's head and quickly drew back into Cecils hand. The guards lifeless, rag doll body fell to the floor.

The rest of the guard's fled the battle. " See? we got a powerful ally in Cecil, my comrade! Even though he doesnt work for any hell lord, he still bears the terrifying appearance of a demon! " Said a gleefull Stranger, now lets get outta here so we can retrive the Einlanzer and the fourth member of our team!"

Our stop at the fishing village was short, but we found the brave hero Leon was lodging there, You've only heard stories.Legends about him and yet there he stand living and breathing as if he were real.

" CecilI suggest you stay behind, Leon is a devout demon slayer after all." heeded Stranger. Stranger then proceeded to knock on Leon's door.
" Who goes there? " Said a valiant, gallant voice from inside.
" It's me, Belial. " Said Stranger!
" Ah, an old ally, please come in!" Leon opened the door, " You bring allies with you too, please both of you come in."

Both of us? how did he know Cecil was behind
" You have a puzzled look about you..?" Asked Leon
" How did you know there was someone else besides me and Stranger?" You reply.
"( clears throat ) Belial." Said Belial.
" After you've fought demons for years without get this feeling, this knowing of whats really here and whats not thereYou understand what i mean don't you?" Replied Leon.
" uhh..Right." Both You and Cecil say.
" Well what we're here for, Leon, Is that we could use your help." Asked Belial.
" My help? why i'm brilliant with the bastard sword, i'd be glad to." Replied a enthusiastic Leon, " But I've some bad newsDuring my last excursion into the darkest of pits, i lost Valor and Excalibur, i also lost myself. The people say i was gone for three years, they thought i died." Continued Leon.
" The demons now have possession of these two holy relics no doubt, although i dont think they can use them" Said Belial.

Cecil turns and leaves the room, " I'm gonna go catch up on things if you don't mind.."
" Dismissed, Cecil." Answered Leon, " Hmm i see the look in your face, you wish to follow Him, dismissed as well." concluded Leon.
You run to catch up with Cecil. " alright..i left it about here" Says Cecil in a whispering voice, he seems to be digging for something.." Aha, there it is!" Cecil said with a satisfaction. He pulls up a rattling bag of coins! " Aye, i'm making a scene aren't I?" Said Cecil.. You both look up to see the hole village staring the two of you down.

" IsIs it going to kill us?" Said a villager. " I don't know Cletus." Said another villager.

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After having a long explanation about how Cecil is the way he looks now, the villagers began to be les afraid, and even curious. They've probably never seen a real demon that close in broad daylight. After the little ordeal Cecil stops by the smithy and is even kind enough to outfit You! Turns out the coins Cecil had were very ancient, containing small traces of a rare material known as adamant. He had about two-hundred and fifty of these coins, He purchased four spears, one javelin, a pair of spiked vambraces, bought you a full suit of platemail, a zweihander and fianlly Cecil got himself a suit of armour as well.

The following morning all of you geared up and headed for Gardhelm, knowing it was a long road to the north and no doubt infested with devils. You had to ascend a craggy, mountainside path that lead up to a cave, discovering that the main road has been blocked, but as you near the cave entrance, 12 imps assail you and your team! Cecil, zweihander in hand, makes a horizontal strike and slashes one's throat and then weaves his sword around his head and lops the head off of another imp! An imp leaps towards you but your reflxes are quick, you use your shield and knock him out of the sky, square in the face! The imp falls on his arse cross eyed and blood pouring from his nose like a fountain. Belial slashes the torso of an imp clean open with his Kriegsmesser, during that same moment an imp leaps to take Belial by surprise, but in a split second Belial turns slashes the imp clean in two! An imp jumps upon Cecil's back, but before the little devil can raise his weapon, a spike of iron impales the Imp! Leon, longsword in hand and shield in the other practically dances across the battle field, spinning his sword with grace and balance mowing through the Imp horde. After a hard hour of fighting, all the imps have fallen. One imp started to crawl away, but he didn't get to far for Cecil smashes his head flat with his foot.

As you enter the dark cave, you light torches for the team, and Cecil hands out spears. A cold fell wind gushes from the cave, and as you venture deeper, the darkness seems to devour you.

A strange, deep howl fills the cavern, You and your team approach cautiously, as you advance the darkness retreats, thanks being to the torches you brought along. It is quite cold within the tunnels, but it seems to get warm as you all advance into a room with a poisonous green glow with the sound of obnoxious bubbles. " Well, looks like these platforms here can be used to jump upon.." Said Leon, " Let's just take this nice and slow, so that no one falls into that pit of perilous peril. " concluded Leon.

You hop from platform to platform, nearly slipping off of one! " Careful! nice and slow..take a deep breath and continue on." Heeded Belial. You let out a sigh of relief as you all make it to the end. A ringing noise greets your ears..louder..louder and louder! You see that all of you are having the same same difficulty, but seems more used to it, Leon yells, " Blasted Terrors! Away!"
As he throws blessed salts which make the black apparitions dissipate into smoke. The ringing goes away instantly. " Terrors..I hate them, i truely do. Sadistic beings they are, from another world. It's theorized that they are all the suffering we feel accumulated into a twisted demonic form. They only exist in this world to terrorize the living. Hence being called 'Terrors'." Said Leon.

You and your crew decide to make camp in an open area within the cavern. Leon begins to pray, making some kind of holy aura, possibly to keep any manner of unholy beast out.

As your team eats their rations you feel your eyes getting heavy as you stare into the campfire, slowly nodding off to sleep. The flame seems to try and jump at you every now and then, te next time you open your eyes, it literally does jump at you and try to devour you!

You pass out into deep sleep

Dreams: The place of many Deaths

The skies are back and red, billowing violently. You can hear this evil, disembodied laughter in the midst ghostly moaning. You look around and see that you are in the stars, in space it seems. Red ectoplasmic clouds floating around, and occasionl claps of thunder.

The clouds look as though they are being sucks into this temple structure, you absent mindedly walk towards it, floating stones making a bridge as you walk over empty space. The entrance looks like a large demonic skull, adorned with spikes and horns, it's gullet open, ready to devour anything. You feel the hot wind being sucked into this maw,turning very cold as you enter.

The walls..they adorned with strange reliefs..Reliefs of strange horned beasts devouring men and ripping the heads off maidens.

You approach a short stairway leading to a gaint stone door, there's a gargoyle perching on the left and right. The two gargoyles jump into to life, their faces flashing a bright red as they growl and lift their heads, pointing to the large stone door.

The door quakes the whole chamber as it opens, you begin to hear the echoes of many people who are in pain. The stairway down is very steep, with many burnt trees and sall rivers of molten lava to you left and right.

It gets hotter as you descend down, but you begin to feel some rush, a burst of strength as you near the center of this odd dimension. There are many burning, upside down crosses, some with people pinned to them, they scream and beg for mercy as these little, knee high devils stab and torture them with large forks.

You make your way to the center of the burning forest, an ashen meadow, You notice a large stone, glowing stone, an eerie green permeates from it. As you stare you notice a shadow begin to get larger and come to life, It stops walking toward you as it encroaches the stone.

Now the creature's shadow splinters across the meadow right before you, the next thing you witness you simply cannot believeThe creature sinks into its on shadow and rises right before you. It's cold, black steel hands tae hold of your shoulder, you look up towards this.beast, the damn thing must be at least nine feet tall! The face of this beasts' helm spikes forward, the eye slots empty and souless.vacant. You are ushered to the strange stone. The way this beast speaks is odd..almost as if he says everything backwards..yet you know what he is saying.

" Do you want power, Mortal?" The beast said, in a deep voice that echoed within his helm, " Then be with this stone, be with us, be as one with the Legion. We will take the promised land together, we will take it for God, we will be rewarded for our conquest well, for we will bathe in His glory!"

You reach for the stne, feeling every hair stand on end as you reach for it, it is colder than ice, and you feel some stinging corruption in your arms, you see some black energy wriggling under your skinYou begin to feel the pain of transformationNoEvolution! You feel your nails grow to claws, and the weight of horns sprouting from your skull, your teeth becoming as daggers.

And then the beast says, " Awaken."

You wake up and tell Leon of this encounter, describing the area and the strange figure you met there.

".Tis none other than Hell you speak of! And that strange thing you met was no beast, but the foulest of all demons I shouldn't speak his name..but his name is Zepar, HellLord of change and suffering. We should keep you far away from him as possible, for he sees something in you." explained Leon.

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The rest of your way through the caverns are fought through, under siege from behind and the front, above you and from below you. No comfort but your allie's backs against yours, hearing thew constant nows of strange dark creatures, clikcing their three tongues within their throats.

Cecil in in center, spear in hand, he's the tallest and handles all the threats above our heads. Swashbuckling Leon is up front, bashing his foes with shield and slashing their throats with his keen blade. You and Belial are at the back, spears and tower shields in hand. Stabbing viciously at anything that attacks the rear.

You come into an opening within the cave, Your team disperses into a circular formation. You all turn as you here a massive beast get up, four red eyes gleaming in the darkness. You hear a loud war cry as flames encircle the entire area, the war cry shakes the cave itself with large stones falling from the ceiling.

" It is I, Andras, Ancient God of War, Who doth seek passage through here?"

Cecil steps forward and replies, " I Cecil, noble Knight of Ivandyl, seek passage with my comrades."

" Then you shall die." said Andras, as he drew a massive sword covered in flames, Andras let out a scream of glee as the fires arised to a peak height, smothering the ceiling and shaking the cave yet again!

Andras is gargantuan, his head that of an owl, his eyes orange, reflecting the fires of Hell, He is astride a big black wolf that vomits flaming magma.
Andras' wingspan almost touches the walls, his great wings begin to flap and fan the flames of Hell!

" Shields up!" Yelled Leon, you immediatley snap to and get behind your shield.

You feel your shield heat up, you feel hot air as whirls all around you!
Andras begins to let a demonic, howling laugh as his wings fold back on his back and the flames die down. You hear his wolf's gallop as he charges forth, Andras' massive sword scraping and charring the cave floor! You hear the scraping come for you, and you roll out of the way! You suffer minor burns.

Cecil lobs a spear at Andras' steed, but to no avail, the giant wolf vomits a ball of fire and burns the spear into nothing. Leon and Belial charge forth! They both leap a great height into the air and as Leon begins to lose momentum, Belial grabs Leon's hand and throws him towards Andras with great momentum! Leon flies towards Andras like a bullet, his sword being the head and pierces Andras in his chest!

Andras lets out another howl, a loud scream! The flames rise again, stronger than before, the heat literally cooking you as white smoke begins to fume from everyone's body! Andras smacks Leon off of him, Leon catches himself as he flips through the air and lands on his feet.

Cecil throws another spear, this time catching the wolf in it's left eye! The wolf, now lame, will be easily slain. The wolf is easily taken out with another spear, this time in the throat. The wolf lets out a last moan as it falls to the ground, blood gurgling from its mouth.

Andras gets off his fallen steed, his hand tensed on the hilt of his sword, the flames on the blade intensifying! His wings spread as the flames in the area stay at a constant burning. Molten ash and the dust of brimstone fill the air as Andras fans the flames.

A ring of fire encircles Cecil as Andras flies over to him.

" If it is my time to depart this realm, I will do so in honour!" Yelled Andras in a furious growl!

Cecil draws his zweihander as does Andras! A furious battle ensues, Andras and Cecil echanging and parrying blows with great speeds, sometimes with intermittent pauses in the middle of the action, as they stare into each other's eyes, sizing down each other, and then snap back into a vicious duel! Cecil scores a strike on Andras' forehead, although Cecil's strike doesn't do much damage!

Andras and Cecil leap back toward the edge of the flames, both getting into a ready stance, a flicker of energy rides down Cecil's blade and dissipates at the tip, the flames intensify on Andras' sword!

They then Jump forth at eachother, catchign eachother in mid air, as the slowly begin to float down towards the ground, parrying and exhanging blows at a hyper speed! This time the both of them fighting at full potential, with every other slash Andras makes sending a wave of flame, Cecil counters this by sending a wave of energy from his sword.

"So, you are the Cecil i heard of!", said Andras, breathing heavily he continues, " I've never met a swordsman of your prowess before!"

They both laugh, and they both take paces away from eachother, back to the edge of the flames. They then dash forth at eachother, and at the same time strike, passing eachother with the blow.

They pause for a second, which seems like an eternity, Andras laughs again, " I finally met my match, Cecil." Said Andras, " I hope to see you again in Hell, on my blessed river Styx, a beautiful place of everlasting fire and battle!" Andras let out his last earthly breath, and then bursted into flames.

The flames in the cavern die down to a low kindle. Cecil picks up Andras' sword and gives it to you, " Here you need a better weapon than that longsword you got there."

Cecil gives you the Hellfire!

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