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So I Have RuneEd Working, Now Where Do I Start?

Ok im gunna work on this list more later but this is the first u msut read and do:

tips: dont get discouraged, msot people hav good ideas, open rune ed, play around for 30 mins, clsoe it n never open it again, however if u dont give up n stick through it u can become pretty good.
tips: use the grids! most noob mappers only look at the 3d at first but its extrmely important to understand the grids (top, left, right), they are jsut as important and used in mapping as the 3d (if not more)

TIP: Brush = wireframe (red,blue,yellow,green etc)

Some Basic Camera Movements:

Hold down leftmouse = move camera on grids / move side to side on 3d
Hold down rightmouse = same as rightmouse on grids / change camera angle on 3d
Hold both left and right mouse =zooms in and out on the grids / move camera up and down on 3d

Moving a Brush with the Gird staying still:
Select the Brush then Hold Ctrl and Leftmouse to move the brush.

Moving a Brush With the Grid:
Select the Brush First, Then hold shift and left mouse to drag the brush where you want.

Rotating a Brush:
Select the Brush First, Then hold shift and right mouse to rotate the brush how u want.

Basic Mapping Part 1this is best to findout how to start constructing and lineing up your brushes, and how to use the grids to put to gether your map, also covers textures and lights

Surface Propertiesincludes how to put transperncy, mirror, line up and chnage the size of textures

How to make a basic skyboxIncludes how to use surface properties and other things in order to make a skybox

After you do the first 3 or so tutorials i suggest u play around with one
-The Different Shape Brushes (i.e. cylinder, bok, stairs, sheet, etc)
-The Types of Brushes(i.e. additive, subtractive, deintersect, intersect, special brush, etc)
-Adding Classes to your Map(i.e. go into your class menu, click on decorations andd practice adding and moving some the same way u add maps) Tip: Weapons are under inventory.

All About Movers Part 1How to make movers, doors, elevators etc, this 1 is a bit harder so u may want to hold off on it till u understand ruen ed more.

How To Make Prefabsincludes how to import and export brushes into maps (tip: a brush = the red wireframe )

Light PropertiesIncludes how to add nice effects to your lights such as colors and other things.

How to Import Custom Textures

updated a bit.