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GREAT GAME 360 owners. get it. fast paced fps. multiplayer onine though but BLHA look into it.

meh i hate faced paced shooters

is it like UT or Quake?

nahh not that fast. ya i know wut ur talkin bout though. those are gay
. but its like halo speed. wit the ability to do magic,very strategic. teleporting. shit like that. say if your trying to protect some artifact then u use like the spell strangle u shoot out a ball and it explodes into spikes on the walls and everywhere keeping that person at bay. or the guy is above you trying to take you out from the sky just teleport up and take him out. or use gust and knock him off a ledge or something. the only way to heal is to summon a tree of life. its great cover. and it heals you or the enemy regardless of who summoned it. there are 4 races humans which are the most well-balanced. elves. lowest health, but fastest running speed, trolls their skin hardens and takes a % of damage. dwarves. i dont remember but its just a great game .like ur mowing a guy down wit an smg and he teleports under the ground then u follow him and try to take him out. shit like that. its an awesome gamei cant play shit like UT and quake.