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Server beta to-do list

-skill point seller
-rental npc
-wedding npc

-duel arena
-gvg arena
-mvp arena
-battle arena

-add custom graphics for items (wings, etc)
hats and other headgears/helms
custom weapons
-add some custom cards maybe

-increase drop rate

-woe times
-fix monsters that are too hard/die too easy

Hex Client(will fix bellow errors)
-auras lvl 255
-palettes, make them work
-get rid of palette errors
-change font
-zoom out more
-fix stats to 255

Well.. there are some other things that have come to my attention that need to be fixed.
1)After all this time still no site
2)Server spawn rate
3)Monster skills - Every mvp has everyskillincluding teleport if we just even got rid of teleport it would be better
4)Bomb/Demonstration skill - this skill is suppoes to be allowed to be used more then once in 1 place at the same time but it cant be
5) (not wearing gm clothes all the time?)
6)being able to use skills in town is also a problem.. people are suppoes to go train and spam their skills outta town

thats all i have to complain about for now =D ill think of other stuff later