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Saints row: The Third

Well since there is no thread I can see of this game I might as well post one. So i've been playing this game for awhile (So pretty much three games came out all at once I just bought all three didn't like standing in a line up for two hours but stupid me didn't pre order any of the games that came out last month) So We have the assassin's creed, Saints row: The third And Halo CE A But thats all besides the point.

Now Like I said, I've been playing this game since it pretty much came out and half the time I find my self running around just messing with shit. sure the game play and story is fun and what not but I'm more drawn to the character customization and the fact that I can beat people with a fucking big dildo. but does anyone else feel that way? you get a game but you'd rather fuck shit up and do your own thing then follow the story line?

I haven't played this game but was interested in getting it. I suppose you wouldn't know what the online for it is like though since you don't have xbl.

Is it fun? It seems like they finally stopped trying to be GTA and decided to just be a random game, and I like random. but im not sure if its good or not.

Yeah it's a pretty awesome game and I enjoy it. it's much better then GTA but still I like GTA. It has good game play but like I said beware you might find your self dicking around more in it then doing quests.

You mean like in every game that isn't completely linear these days?

Yeah pretty much I guess. : /