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Rune actorgenerating

Ello for those of you who don't know how to use actorgenerators in Rune here's a tutorial:

  1. First off summon an actorgenerator using "summon actorgenerator".
    If you want to see the actorgenerator type this "admin set actorgenerator bhidden false" or true instead of false to hide it again. The actorgenerator should look like a key thingy.

  2. Now to tell the actorgenerator what is the actor you want summoned first you have to summon that actor.

I'll give as example "summon rocklarge".

After you summon the rocklarge you have to tell the actorgenerator this is the actor you want summoned. Type this: "admin set actorgenerator actorclass runei.rocklarge".

  1. Now to make the actorgenerator work next time when you summon it you have to set some variables:

admin set actorgenerator actorpropability 10
admin set actorgenerator classcount 5

The number you type in the actorprobability and classcount doesnt matter so much. I usually use those numbers.

  1. Now to set the actorgenerator on/off type "admin set actorgenerator binitiallyactive ture/false", true for on, false for off.

  2. Now to set how many actors you wan't to be summoned type this: "admin set actorgenerator quantityalways 100"

100 is the number of the actors that the actorgenerator will summon then it will automatically stop.

  1. Now to set the time interval between the actors which are being summoned type "admin set actorgenerator bdelayalways 3"

The number 3 means there are 3 seconds interval between each of the actors will be summoned.

  1. Now to set the force you want the actor spat out at, type "admin set actorgenerator directionweight 150".

The higher the number is the further the actor will be spat out.

  1. Now to set the physics of the actor you chosen to be summoned (I chosen rocklarge) type:

admin set rocklarge physics phys_falling
admin set rocklarge physics phys_projectile

or type only "admin set rocklarge physics phys_projectile" without the falling one if you want the actor to fly in one direction without falling on the ground.

  1. Now type "killall actorgenerator" and "summon actorgenerator" to summon a new and working actorgenerator.


cool always wondered how to do this, thanks :P +1

btw can't see the shoutbox. it's not working atm or it's just me?

idk tell me if it keeps happening

i dont even know what it is or what it does :O

Darth wrote:
i dont even know what it is or what it does :O

it's like a thing that summons things instead of you