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Requiem: Memento Mori

This here game kicks ass, take place in a kind of futuristic atmosphere filled with mutants and zombies 'n shit. It plays kinda like guild whores. Im goanna have to take some screenies next time me plays.

EDIT,IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure that when you make a character, start in Turba! Also, whenh makin a character, choose Valdes server



A nice view in Crescent ^

Did i mention this game has BIG ASS SWORDS? ^

A plane ride in Turba, which is like this desert wasteland^

Did i mention the ub3r senseless violence? ^
EDIT: LOLz at the super duper serious discussion going on in the chatbox of the above screenie.  :jamieh:

List of WaR's that play it:


might have to try this one cecil, and might have too look for bots too ^ ^

<- Lazy

i had lvl 44 then i quit cuz they changed the game to much blää

pvp/guild/war components?

was better b4. b4 they destroyed it to make so ppl can rebirth

Yeah it's got PvP.

Cecil wrote:
Yeah it's got PvP.

yes but  its destroyed trust me that was the reason i quit.

but whats it like, like is there big turf that we can take over or something?

cause if so we could totally just like, all bot till like level 50-60 and then just rape people in large numbers war style

This game takes SOOOOOOOOOO long to downloadand its not even big

yeah but its pretty coo.

The PvP is like a team ffa, although i haven't really gotten into the whole pvp thing.

what do you gain from pvp? anything?

Exp and special points to buy like ub3r l33t gear

Also, once you get in the game, my character name is Cezul, and my brother is Hewett, be sure to add us. Also i believe my bro to another potential WaR, we could use his troll skillz.

my username is LordSatros :P

The game is good, id advise warlings to download it.

SEE WHAT DID I TELLETH THEE. Yeah i'll be sure to add you.

Btw, where are you atm, i'm at Crescent, i guess you're at Turba rite?

Turba, yes

neat i'm in the process of DL'ing bitches GET DIS SHIT YA MEAN

Sorry, for reasons best left untold, I can't play.

fu i started play again im lvl 33 gogo! hammerine every1

Hmm I'm gonna try this out.

Hope my PC won't fuck up again -.-

EDIT: Shit I knew I needed over 18 years to  play this but instead of 18 I put 17 accidentally.
Now it doesn't let me to view the content.