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Me and Bhaal need more for our army! JOIN TO DAY!

also this game is not liek normal fps games, rember this b4 downloading and then rage quiting like thugg because its not just a run and gun shooter. THis game is more like a war simulator, more realistic to human nature, every playeri s a real person, all working together in big numbers to over throw enemies, what this means is you arnt gunna get 5 kills per life and u arnt gunan be able to just run out and own every1, jsut like in realife in many of these war situations a real soldier fighting other soldiers equally trained will not be able to kill 8 people in a row, they will mostlikely kil l1 if likely then get pwned by someone else, u resawn quickly but you do have to keep in mind you will not be running out into a big warzone and killing every1, equipment, numbers and organization is what wins in this game.

its still fun though, workign together as a unit and whatnot

so we are opening recruitig to any1

99980 hours left
almost there!!!!!!!

sounds great