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Realm of the Mad God

anyone else tried this game on steam? its free to play, and a really short download, and anyone can play it, it has like nintendo age graphics.

its oddly very addicting

its a contra/ikaruga style game where your dodging projectiles and shit while fighting, but its coop, sortof class based, and open world

but in this game your kindof meant to die at a certain point, because as you level and do stuff you gain 'fame', which is used to buy stuff (as opposed to the real money currency) but the fame isnt useable till your character dies.

aaand when you die your character is deleted, fame goes to the new character you create

one bad note tho, you start with 1 class and you unlock them 1 at a time by leveling up a character (so wizard level 5 unlocks priest, priest 5 unlocks ) then each of those at 20 unlocks another, then combo unlocks like priest 20 paladin 20 = blah.
and you only start as a wizard, level 5 is really easy tho

also, no real 'groups' because people near you always give you effects and earn the same amount of exp as you do (its not split or anything) so just being near other players makes it exponentially easier/faster/unless your fighting one of the gods which takes like 10-15 minimum people and has redic health and OP damage


contra/ikaruga style free to play mmo-esque (up to 85 people in the same area) game where death means death but your supposed to die.

really easy to get into/play, i think itd be a great game for us to all get into;

Your right o_o addicting.