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Anyone have a ps3 that they play online?

ps3 sux

helll naw ps3 costs too damn much ill buy one in like 5 yrs when its at least 150 bux

no idc if it was 1 dolla it sux

ok your a gay ass fag VB,Playstations in my mind will forever be better than your shit boxes.ok?

lmao ps3's online service is a desolated and isolated wasteland. the processor may be better tahn 360 but even sony says the graphics on 360 are better. all teh games that came out with the sixaxis motion sensor sucked bawlz and thers no game that came out yet that can compete with 360 so. . pwnt.

one dayone day faggot shall see.

exactly tric one day they will see!! the 360's not all that great anyway and i know this rich mexican kid that has a wii a 360 and a ps3 damn those rich mexicans

360 pwns thugg u prob just played shitty games like lost planet. and they are comin out wit osmemore kickass ones like GOW. and ps3 only sux cuz its current games sux cept resistance but i never played that. but when ps3 comes out wit better games ill prob change my mind. but i still wont get it fuck that lol 600 bux id rather suicide.
and mkay. i was at circuit city wit my daid k? k i played teh ps3 motorstorm. with the motion sensor shit. and it didn't work i was like turning my contorl all the way around lek 10 times then suddenly i flinged off a cliff lol. so they better fix the motion sensor

PS3 sucks multiple dicks at a time. Get a Blu-Ray player.


its like if doyle walked up to PS3 and put all 8 of his dicks in its disc drive

Too bad he'd have to install those dicks onto it's hard drive for it to load quickly.

That sounds like it would hurt.

i have owned boight and the 360 anit that hot ps has better controllers

PS2 OWNZ ALL yes i got one tric

lol tric posted this in 07 man

o shit

just got a playstation 3 and its rocks.. any know when god of war 3 is coming out?

Venomblade wrote:
ps3 sux

no it doesnt >:[

Ellessar wrote:

Venomblade wrote:
ps3 sux

no it doesnt >:[

Oh no, it does.

PS3 Slim on the other hand is worth it. Lower price, better system architecture, smaller, cooler, etc.

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