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yo this is a game i used to play alot awhile back, its a fpsmmo , its futuristic, the point is to take over different facilities using squad tactics and wtv, it was really fun actually, and now its free for any1 until they get to battle rank 6 (like lvl 6 basically), which isnt bad considering theres only about 24 brs and i played for a couple mounths and was only br 6, anways its pretty cool, if enough of us get it we can set up an outfit (liek a clan) and shit, the game has a number of cool vehicles,weapons and features and it would be awsome going around with a army of tanks as teh war clan or wtv and just owning it up.

before all you guys say ZOMGS! I CANT RUN THIS ON MY PC! this game has low requirements, so basically, most of u exlcuding venom and maybe luc can run this, i used to run this on my same computer but the shittiest grahpics card ever(geforce 3! lawl) + 256 ram the only problem i got was lag every now and then and some long load times but i was still able to easily play ( i mean i got 207 kills in a couple weeks, which is good for a 7th grade satros)

screenshots i have from a couple yrs ago:


ps i play on the Emerald server under the New Conglomerate, my user name is Satros

Looks pretty good. Downloading now

wtf? It says ANY name I put there is unavailable. Including agagagenhh.

EDIT- ok, restarted everything, and it finally let me put in Bhaal67. So I'll be using that.

the animations n shit arnt the best but its still really fun if we get a group n shit hehe

anyways me wick n bhaal are in so far, who else wants to join the war crusade??

also, SOE username is different from ur character username,so make sure once u make ur character to post it here, mines Satros

ok this game takes forever to update but if we get enoguh ppl this will pwn

YESS MY COMP CAN RUN This maybe. maybe not !?!?

no, your comp cant run anything.welll.. its worth a try i guess, wick can run it after all, u can too prolly wit everything set to low lol

thing is theres about 7 hrs worth of gameupdates after u downlaod everytihng lolol..that might take u awhile

wow then just multiply all that time by 10 and thats how long its gonna take meh
o ya i have 128 mb of ram!

GO FOR IT! lol

hells YA!

k well i just downloaded but ill start playing when i get home from school

Umm this is almost the same as WarRock, just this is a sci-fi. WarRock even has better graphics and my comp can run this.

wait so wut??????????????????????/////
owells i started to download but it toook foreveR!!!!!!!!
ill's trys againssssss

Lucian wrote:
Umm this is almost the same as WarRock, just this is a sci-fi. WarRock even has better graphics and my comp can run this.

loldude the only way warrock and this game are at all linked is that u shoot in both and both have vehicles

and anyways.. thugg u may have to update for liek 5 hrs lol

also, me bhaal and wick played last nuight, it was fun shit..first we got vehicles, patroled across the continent and got into the battle, we pushed back a enemy way and then followed their retreat back to their base and it was awsome hehehe, wick n bhaal are pretty noob at the game

ugh i wanna play!! ill download just 99 hrs left

lol. Not so much that I'm noob, as I had no idea where to get equipment or certs, nor did I get any kills and kept di- ok, yes, I'm a newb. Though, at least once I got used to it I drove ok. I followed you around the trees pretty well.

hehe ull learn, we gotta fix our grahpics issue tho lol i think minimizing PS every 20mins is what stoped me from freezeing up

also..did u begin to see whtie textures at all b4 it happened? on map, windows, textures or players?

Nope. One moment I was running in circles trying to find you, the next my computer locked up and I got to rock out to midi music from 2003.

Satros wrote:
wick n bhaal are pretty noob at the game

Well. DUH!!