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Planetside 2

Between this and Guildwars 2 I think I will be good with games for awhile.

Never got around to playing the first planetside. And I know that fps games aren't always my thing so I'm going to wait to see what you all think of the game first.

Interesting thing in this game. The outfits. If you would mind Sat it would, more than likely, be a very good idea to start an outfit for WaR. It would allow us to quickly get everything organized for a push, better communications and would help for recruiting. If you haven't already you may wish to take a look at the function on the game.

beta just ended a few days ago

Knight wrote:
beta just ended a few days ago

Yes we know we were all on it till it ended. Speaking of which. 21Hrs 5Min 37Sec Until launch.

Planetside is live. For those of you who don't have it load it now. For those of us that do hop in your drop pod and get in the fight solider.

We play on the server Waterton,

So far myself, furry, zaifos, jioji, and memetic have it,

European, can't play with muhricans.