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Pillage! Eliminate! Conquer!

Based on the level of activity of your horde, as represented by the RUNE HORDES dot INFO horde listing, you are hereby officially invited to take part in the "Pillage! Eliminate! Conquer!" tournament.

Invade the village or territory of another horde with the purpose of robbing the inhabitants of their worthily possessions and assault the women (and livestock) with sexual intent!*

Go head to head with the enemy horde and brutally slaughter the defending forces leaving the village or territory wide open to unhindered pillaging!*

Or just decimate the defending forces and humiliate the remainder of the enemy horde by taking control of their village or territory and populating it with your own horde!*

If you think your horde has got what it takes to become the most powerful and feared horde in the community, head over to the RHI forums and declare war on the other hordes in the community - but hurry! If you are too late, your village or territory may have been taken over by an enemy horde already, forcing you to settle for less!

cool ill check it out, thx

damn sounds fun ill chekc it out too

who are u?

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people usually go and find it because they love my face so much.

yeah. the 10 year old china man look is "in" right now.

stfu frozn

Rune looks fun i might have to get it

Ty sat. I cant wait to be apart of WaR

whatever happened to this guy

hes been on xfire n stuff, just has never came back to the forums

who me?


ive been on i just havent started rune yet and most the topic are about rune so im just watching and learning.