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Perfect World (free to play/download)

Wick told me about this game, he said its sorta like lc but a lot more fun (and leveling and whatnot is much easier he says, compaired to the grindfest lc is)

you can also jump mad amounts, i think im gunan try it out, but like always ill need a l33t crew to try it with.

EDIT: downlaod here it goes faster:;11755003;/fileinfo.html

its got some cool features, the character maker is extremely customizable(despite this i still cannot seem to get my character to look anything like me, plus the hair styles are extremely azn/dbz) aparrently you caln fly too, and some other cool shit, check it out

download it and we will play :)

hmm k

HMMMMMM looks interesting i like the mass rape thang they got goin on in the vid

indeed, hopefully that can be us in a week or two lol

week or two??


lolz I gots this game for quite a while, haven't played in a while tho. I have a wolf guy there.

sick, dude you love wolves lol

but yeah

cant wait to play with everyone

Yeah, I'm waiting for you all >:|

k me wick and stat are palying now, so get the game and make a char and join us, do it it now.

our names are




btw if the client is downloading uber slow for you (like .2kb/s) you may want to download here instead:;11755003;/fileinfo.html

(so far downlaods much faster for ppl)


You still looking for mmorpg games? you are maaaaad, try lineage2 , ive told you that a hundred times.
and,, HI :D 

my english still sucks lmao

Perfect world is perhalps the best free mmo iv ever played, by far, graphics are great the quests are fun, but i did get bored of it eventually and quit lol

What server did we play in?

Sanctuary I beleivedoes this mean you got it to work?

Yep it works fine :) Just a bit laggy though

only good thing is tha u can play panda!