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**OFFICIAL** {{WaR}} Clan game ideas

ITT: We come up with ideas for cool games that we'd like to make/see made.

Title: Surivivor Sim ( Working Title )
Genre: FPS/Action/Horror
Synopsis: A sandbox style choose-your-doom type game. Players can choose from four types of apocolyptic scenarios and five different levels each of large size.
Choose between a Zombie Apocalypse, Government Take Over, Communist Invasion or Demonic Apocolypse, all on five different expansive maps such as
Macon, Georgia, USA
Dublin, Ireland
Limoges, France
St.Petersburg, Russia
Pasadena, Texas, USA
and choose your doom
Zombie Apocolypse: A strange strain of virus has infected the populous, spreading rapidly. The dead begin to walk, and feast upon your friends and family. You must take up whatever arms you can muster and survive as long as possible.

Gov't Take Over: The government has decided to disarm the people and instill a fascist dictatorship, sending friends and family to 'labour' camps who don't comply.
Well you resist and stick to The Man? Or will you become another victim of genocide?  Expect Stealth to be a major way to surive here..

Communist Invasion: The Commies are here and it's time to fight them back like it's fucking Red Dawn.

Demonic Apocolypse: Think Zombie apocolypse but worse. Everything that you could only think of in your worst nightmares become a reality. Think Evil Dead type stuff. Yep, the only way out of this is through.

Gameplay: It's from the first person perspective, with high attention to realism. No over the top bloom lighting, and no faggot turn based combat and leveling. Just a big open world where you can do anything at any time. Any weapon, any vehicle, any time. There will be a high choice of weaponry at your disposal as well. From barbed wire wrapped planks, to baseball bats and cricket sticks, to great old Cecil's Longsword, to grandpa's old winchester or your dad's SKS, to even crazy uncle Jim's m4 assault rifle, the world is just about at your disposal. It'll also feature useable tools and a tool making system similar to MineCraft's, so you can make those barbed wire wrapped clubs and stuff, and also weapon modification ( such as adding a sling to a rifle, or a scope.)

Also up to 10 player co-op online.