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**Official** RO2 Master Thread

Myself, Kitellia, and Zaifos played Ragnarok Online 2. It took us about 2-3 weeks to go from level 0-50(max). It is a kawaii f2p mmo, in case you are wondering what kind of game it is, just take a look at this screenshot I took.

Now that we are level 50 there isn't much to do, other than raids, we are currently working on getting max gears.

Character List:
Satrosian - 50 - Assassin (Satros)
Kitellia - 50 - Assassin (Kitellia)
Dayrh - 50 - Knight (Zaifos)

If you are interested in joining us, you can download the game easily through steam, then just let us know, we could probably help power you through the quests/dungeons.

Hmm I think I played this at one point. Maybe. I don't even know they are all starting to look the same.

In RO2, all the guys play as female characters, and all the girls play as kawaii children characters.

I think i rememer downloading this and losing interest and uninstalling. I DO remember making a kawaii gurl swordsman character though because why the fuck not.

Why do I feel like I've played this too!? whut?