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Sony may be saved.

  • $299 retail price for entry model, $399 for more HDD space

  • Same features as old PS3, minus backwards compatibility with PS2 games and ability to run Linux (but seriously only NERDS run Linux on a fucking PS3)

  • 120GB removable hard drive, likely 250GB on the $399 model

  • 33% smaller than the original

  • 36% lighter than the original

  • 34% less power consumption than the original

  • Cell chip architecture moved to 45nm processmuch cooler running and power efficient

  • Rumored possible performance enhancements over original Playstation 3as far as the main processor base goes, (higher clockspeeds maybe) no word on the GFX card

  • Newer HDMI interface allows for the new PS3 to output Dolby TrueHD AND DTS Master-HD in BITSTREAM, will light up those unused signals on your HD audio receiver finally

  • No more ugly Spiderman logo font.

Comparison shot of front:

I personally find the new design much more appealing, especially with the loss of the ugly PLAYSTATION 3 branding on it.

lol why do i feel like your gunna get one?

bPORR{{WaR}} wrote:
lol why do i feel like your gunna get one?


I was the one who originally was a PS3 fanboy (besides you) between Skylar and Steve. My mind was changed after all the fun times on Halo 2 with my friends and the extreme amount of fail of the PS3 launch.

Seems Sony's got that fixed now. Looks like a great buy to me. I was in the market for a Blu Ray player anyway and getting a new and improved PS3 along with it is a major plus lol.

I would still probably get it even if I had a Blu Ray player already.

I got a PS3 slim. It's pretty sweet. Little Big Planet is amazing. So are AC 2 MW2 MGS4 and Killzone 2

Damn, you got to play AC 2? lucky ass  :bulba:
Afterall I'll buy a new PC, not a PS3/Xbox460
I'll have to wait till Januray to get AC 2.