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***Official DotA Topic****

-What is DotA
-Can my pc run it?
-Who in War Plays it
-How to download DotA (free)
-How to play online

What is DotA?
DotA is a scenario in Warcraft 3(the strategy game) where each player controls a hero with special abilities. There are two teams that are pitted against eachother along with regularly spawning "creeps" on both sides. The main goal is to destroy the teams base. Why is it fun? Picture the game Gauntlet, cept more tactical and you have an army and a base while trying to kill the other team.

Can my PC run it?
Yes. Unless your PC was made before graphics cards and processors were invented, the specs are very low. Lower than Rune. It was made in 2003 I think, but its a RTS game.

Who in war plays it?
As of right now the people in war who have it and play are: Myself, Nodoka, Wicked, bPORR, Minimoose, and ThuGG. The more the merrier though, so download it and join us in teamspeak.


How to Download
To play dota with us you will need Warcraft 3, both Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne and the patch for it.


If you download this one you can skip to step 3.

Step 1: Get Rapidshare Auto Downloader
This step isnt necessary, but unless you have a rapidshare account I highly suggest it. This program takes a list of links you enter and downloads them one at a time in the background, so all you gotta do is enter the links and go do something in the meantime.
Heres the latest version:

Step 2: Enter the links in RAD


Step 3: Unextract and Mount
Unextract the downloaded file. (I assume you know how to unextract a rar file). Next you will need to mount the two ISO files. For this you will need either PowerISO or Daemon Tools, I suggest PowerISO, its easy to use and a good tool, it doesn't take up space and doesn't run unless you tell it to. The free version will suffice.
Get PowerISO:

Once you have that installed double click the iso file (which icon's should look like a golden disk now) for Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos first, once opened in power iso double click the "install.exe" file (a power iso dialog will come up, choose "extract all files to a temporary folder first" and click okay). Install the game, it will ask for a CD Key, in the rar file you downloaded(where the isos are) the CD keys should be included in a txt file, just pick one and enter it in and it will install. Repeat all this for The Frozen Throne iso file.

Step 4: Patch
Okay so you know have Warcraft 3: RoC + TFT installed, now you just need to patch it.
Download the patch here:
This is the only one you need, once you have it place it in the directory you installed Warcraft 3 to and run it. (The directory with War3.exe in it)

(PROTIP: If the patch doesn't run correctly and you have windows vista right click -> Run as Administrator)

Your now almost ready to play.

How to play Online
This is the final step, your almost ready to play with us. The last thing you need is Garena. Garena is a software that emulates a lan system. What this means is that by playing on Garena you can go into the "Local Area Network" part of a game and see a full list of servers.
Download Garena Here:
Once you get Garena you will need to register, once your done with that your good to go, your ready to play with us.

Note to actually play you will need to get in Garena, enter a "room" or lobby, hit "Settings" and specifiy where the game is located (aka find War3.exe for Garena). Then hit "Start game" If anyone is hosting, you will see there game/server under the LAN section ingame.

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