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New Xbox Dashboard

Do you like the new xbox "experience" ?

  • Yeah its neat! (33.33%, 1 Votes)
  • Fuck no its gay. (66.67%, 2 Votes)
Number of votes: 3

Gay? Not Gay?


i think its fucking horrible, they made the dashboard more confusing and more like ps3, which has the worse dashboard ever, then they threw in some shitty gay avatars that bouncce and dance everytime you chose an option, xbox has gameslike gears of war2 and shit, so why are they trying to attract 10 year olds and pushing away older people..retarded. what do you guys think?

I like it EXCEPT:
The new update for some reason now registers an HDMI to HDMI connection as an HDMI to DVI connection.
Both run on the same protocol except DVI doesn't support native audio.leaving everyone with no sound. So this HUGE bug has now led to thousands of gamers being left without sound. Including me.

Now I can't even finish Gears 2 or Fable 2 until they give us an update! :[

And I can't find my old component HD cables either so I have nothing! Just because I wanted 1080p at 60Hz >:[

I haven't even gotten on to update Didn't know there was a new one.

We need a gta4 + halo 3 + cod4/waw party this weekend.

were having an event on gow2 tonite noob, but maybe we can have a gta or halo3 event this weekend too since everyone is off we will see