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Need help.. Shader 2.0

uhmm.. i just finished downloading requiem:alive a few days ago.. and finished patching.. after i play the game.. at login page in game it says (alert:shader 2.0 or higher something and it will close game) but i can log in to the game.. done with creating character.. but the only problem is i cant see my character and others.. i think its graphics problem.. here are my spec

OS:windows 7 starter 32bit
Processor:Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N270 @1.60ghz
DirectX Version:DirectX 11
-in dxdiag. under display tab:
Name:Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family
Chip Type:Intel(R) GMA 950
Approx. Total Memory:256mb

what i dont understand is that Intel(R)GMA 950 supports pixel/vertex shader stated in this link

plss help.. im not good with computers.. and i really wanted to play this game so badly..

Hmm interesting, it says that it should be able to support pixel shader 2

kittie had the same problem when she tried to play the game, the game has high graphics standards that it absolutely enforces for some reason

have you updated the drivers for it?

yeah my drivers are updated.. last time i searched for a solution they say i think i need DirectX 9.. And also i think is right.. Coz the game system requirements needs DirectX 9 stated on this link:

But i have windows7 and it already has DirectX 11.. My DirectX version now.. Im really confused..

you might still need directx 9 even though you have 11

i dont know.. i have tried downloading directx 9 but still at dxdiag.. it states that my DirectX version is still 11.. this gets me really confused.. :rolleyes: