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more GOW chronicles!!!!

we gotta get some more games in on ALOTif someones on vegasits usually my dadscratch that.. its def my dadif its gow or anything else.give us an invite

better yet. SAT plans some daysi vote for more GOW nights

Yes! I was playing with Sat a bit last night and we were just pissing everyone off by glitching through walls on Tyro Station, but that was only for an hour or two, but then I lost my voice and had to eat dinner and decided to not go back on.

yeah yo we gotta get a glitch game goin some time or sumthing jsut fuck aroudn n shit with a full sevrer lol, anyways..hmm ill set 1 up maybe

perhaps we can even get muyo to take a break from enchanted arms/jerking it to dead or alive xtreme 2/playing arcade games/being away to play gow wit us for a night

hahaha muyo.. ya ill try to be on for my b-day i got marvel ultimate alliance and i i didn't even ask for anything but anyways i thought it'd suck but its actually pretty fun.